Simple Black and White; Monochrome Bathroom Designs

One of the most striking looks in a modern bathroom is a simple monochrome scheme. If you’re a little colour phobic but still dream of having a stylish bathroom, a black and white design will be in keeping with trends for many years to come. Here is a little inspiration on how you can create the perfect monochrome space.

monochrome bathroom design

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This design in particular shows how the simple black and white scheme can look so stylish yet sophisticated. The gloss cabinet and coupled mirrors create the illusion of space.

black and white bathrooms

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The small hints of mustard in this room liven up the space and add a little personality. Other colours which would work perfectly are yellow, red, lime green or deep purple. These can be welcomed into your bathroom in little accessories such as your tooth brush holders or towels.

monochrome bathroom

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If you’re looking for an elegant design, these black and white marbled tiles and worktop are still in keeping with the trends but are teamed with a slightly off white backdrop, producing a traditional feel to a modern trend.

monochrome designs

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Black feature walls may seem daunting but the massive contrast of a facing wall and white bathroom fixtures lighten the space instantly.

black and white bathroom designs

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This bathroom has welcomed in a variety of different black and white patterns however, they work perfectly as they are all following the same colour codes. Black and white will work perfectly with anything, especially itself making it an easy and trendy option.

If you’re looking for a design which is easy to work with and will last for many years to come, the monochrome scheme is your ideal option. If once your black and white design is created and it’s feeling a little bland, don’t be afraid of adding a little colour in your accessories, these can be changed through the years to freshen up your design.