Bathroom Lighting Trends and Inspiration for 2013

Must-Have Lighting Fixtures for your Bathroom this Year

The key to a great bathroom is design; it’s easier to create a timeless bathroom if you choose natural and contemporary elements. As trends change, a modern simplistic bathroom can be altered more efficiently without having to change bathroom suites and light fittings, an easy update of accessories and colour will ensure the room stays on trend. When looking at design predictions for 2013 it’s clear that sleek modern lines together with a personal touch such as colour and accessories are key.

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The main lighting trends to come out of the design and trades shows last summer focused on modern energy saving technology together with natural and contemporary spa-like designs. Whilst natural light such as windows and sky lights is always a bonus, artificial lighting is also beneficial, this type of lighting is a great way to add ambience to a bathroom by creating a constant light source throughout the day, from early morning makeup sessions to relaxing pamper evenings. This type of lighting also helps create pools of light around the room which will emphasize specific areas such as the bath and sink, adds a touch of luxury and class and most importantly promotes a safer environment.


Energy Saving lighting is a must for 2013 not just for the bathroom but throughout the whole house, we are seeing more and more companies choosing LED and fluorescent light fittings as their preferred light source. As well as saving energy, LED Lighting will also save customers money in the long run. Many lighting retailers are updating their original designs by changing to LED or fluorescent options, fluorescent lighting is much cheaper than standard lighting, will last a lot longer and is safer to handle.

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Helping to promote a minimalistic feel in the bathroom, we are seeing a lot of flush and recessed lighting; spotlights give off a great pool of light and can be directed onto specific areas of the bathroom whilst taking up a small amount of room. Flush fittings and spotlights will also create a spa-like luxurious feel that will fit with changing trends. Back lit mirrors are also popular for 2013, whilst primarily functioning as an accessory for day to day activities in the bathroom, they are also great for creating the illusion of space, making the bathroom appear bigger and more spacious. It is always important to remember that when choosing lighting for mirror and sink areas, the key is to make sure both sides of the mirror are lit for a fuller light across the face. Illuminating shelf lights are a newer trend that was noticed throughout last summers design and trades shows, oozing contemporary style and bang on trend for 2013 they are a practical storage idea as whilst also offering a soft ambience of light.

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