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Whirlpool Bathroom Suites

P Shaped Whirlpool Shower Bath Suite - buy now
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RRP £1,450 • SAVE £666!
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RRP £1,180 • SAVE £541!
RRP £925 • SAVE £416!

Whirlpool Bathroom Suites

At Bathshop321 we’re no strangers to luxury; just take a look at some of our designer sanitaryware and opulently styled baths. We do however have two bathroom suites which surpass the decadence of even our ornate traditional range; the whirlpool bathroom suites. If the idea of an elegant chic bathroom appeals to you then we’re quite positive that an elegant chic bathroom suite with the added bonus of the therapeutic whirlpool water massage technology will truly blow you away.

Both of our whirlpool bath suite packages feature fully integrated 6 jet whirlpool systems which are expertly fitted and thoroughly tested in our warehouse before shipping so that you don’t have to toil with assembling the set-up.

The whirlpool jet system found in the baths which make up our whirlpool suites retails at £399- excluding the bath or fitting so the extent of the value we’re offering is visible to all!

In addition to that as our in-house professionals fit all pipe work pumps and drainage systems all you have to do is connect the bath to mains power and water to create your own bathroom spa experience.

With our whirlpool suites we aim to make lavish luxury affordable to all given the standard suite dimensions or our whirlpool options these home spa solutions can easily fit into the vast majority of bathroom spaces.

The attention to quality extends beyond the whirlpool system itself with our suites; the P Shaped Whirlpool Shower Bath Suite package for instance not only boasts the therapeutic jets but also a designer contoured bath made of high quality brassware (courtesy of Burnley based Ultra Finishing) a basin and sanitary-ware from the ever-popular Galaxy range.

Given the quality of the components which constitute this suite it is no surprise that the Bathshop321 price is £500 below the RRP.

If you’re considering one of our cheap bathroom suites it may well be worth taking a closer look at our whirlpool options given the barely noticeable difference in price and same commitment to style and durability.

As all the fiddly aspects of connection and fitting are done before-hand there is very little difference between fitting a Bathshop321 whirlpool bath and a standard bath.

As well as the pampering upside of installing one of these therapeutic suites a whirlpool bathroom setup also acts as a great deal-breaker if you’re looking to sell or rent out a property: it is certainly something that most bathrooms won’t be able to offer!

As with all of Bathshop321’s unique bathroom suites if you would like to discuss the specifications of our whirlpool bath suites or enquire as to tweaking a suite package to match your requirements; simply contact our expert sales team by email phone or online chat facility.

We aim to make your bathroom truly feel like your bathroom and will go to lengths to ensure that we provide you with precisely what you want need and desire whether that be a whirlpool suite a basin waste unit or anything in between!