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Charity Bathing

Bathing in a variety of icky substances is always a great way to raise additional funds for a good cause!


Be Nostalgic

Ever notice how good looking people in dramatic films wallow in self pity and think of the past while looking at their own watery reflection? You could be that person!


Binge watch a series

With streaming platform such as Netflix regularly adding whole seasons of awesome shows to their catalogue, you can use your laptop, phone or tablet to binge watch your favorite programmes!


Make a Crazy Hairdo

Craft a masterpiece from your childs soapy hair while they're in their early bathing years, everyone wins here!


Get Spooky

Throwing a Halloween party or Haunted House event this year? The easy-to-clean bathroom is the perfect set for a series of gruesome scenes such as bloody handprints and creeping ghouls!


Birthday Ball Pit

Here's a great game for a kid's birthday party. Fill the bath with plastic ball pit balls and huge super-cool gifts amongst them, then let each child fish for an awesome prize!


Spider in the Tub!

Give your homies the creeps by strategically placing a freaky spider in the bathtub or shower!


Get Creative

Got a project that needs some attention? Having some peace and quiet and a long soak or shower is a great way to dedicate some uninterrupted thinking time to your project.


Reclaim your self-respect

Think about what you should have said to win an argument in the past. It won't change anything, but next time you'll be ready, like a cobra.



Got something or someone you're trying to avoid? Rather be in the bath than do that? Climb in and close your eyes real tight, nobody will suspect.


Save Tons of Money

Cut down on water wastage in the bathroom to save a ton on water and heating bills! You can find a ton of great water-saving ideas on our blog.


Colourise your bathroom

With some bathroom-friendly crayons you and the young ones can go on a scribble rampage and then simply wipe away the doodles afterwards, awesome!


Go Extreme!

Everybody uses GoPro cameras for everything these days. Be a trendsetter; strap a camera to your head and brush those teeth real radical dude.



If your bathroom is big enough you can plank on the floor. Is that still a thing? We don't know.


Shave with a straight razor

The hipsters have already claimed brogues, bow ties and pipes; enjoy looking cool while you shave before they spoil this last bastion of manliness.


Teach your son to shave

One of the few moments a father can spend with his son and have complete control. Teach him right, or the other dads will judge you.


Be a master of vintage

If you like the look of classic styles ad furnishings, why pass up the chance to have them in your own home? We've got everything you need from vintage taps to traditional radiators!


Release your inner designer

Who needs Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen when you've got your own eye for style? Colour coordinate accessories and strategically match fixtures to create a stunning modern bathroom!


Make Like Greeks

Ancient Greeks spent a large part of their lives enjoyig the luxuries of a good bath. Create your very own Greek bath house with a spacious bath tub and a traditional tiled mosaic theme, Grapes, anyone?


Add a little space

You can easily make your bathroom look and feel more spacious by adding stylish storage options to hide away clutter and combining natural light with light coloured paint and a mirror.


Get the shopping done

You work hard, right? Well then you deserve the convenience of ordering some lovely snacks and treats from your local supermarket using their online order and delivery service. Job done.


Get qualified

If you frequent your bathtub to enjoy the peace and quiet available in your bathroom, using your 'quiet time' to work through an online course could be incredibly beneficial as well as time-efficient!


Capture Your Genius

Ever noticed that the best ideas or solutions always seem to come during a relaxing bath or shower? Keep a pad in there and write those nuggets of gold down before you forget!.


Leave a reminder

Almost everyone looks in the bathroom mirror before heading out on their morning commute, making it an ideal place to leave a post-it note reminder.


Skype folks

Bathtime is great time for face-to-face chat using Skype or Facetime, providing it's not a business call and you frame the camera from the neck upwards.


Sea Monkeys!

Sea Monkeys, the incredible underwater critters that we all remember fondly raising as children. Let them live in your bath, In fact that's a terrible idea, don't do that.


Make a guest haven

If your home as a guest bathroom ensure it has all of the luxuries your guest will need to feel comfortable and at home when staying over. Soft towels and fresh bar of soap is a good start!


Show your home some love

Give your home a facelift with a full bathroom refurbishment, our cheap bathrooms suite options ensure you can refurbish your bathroom on any budget!


Get 'Bad'

Only the coolest of the cool know how to bust out the Michael Jackson 'Moonwalk'. The water resistant floors commonly found in bathrooms are the ideal surface to perfect the move.


Underwater selfies

Using modern waterproof mobile phones, you can take awesome underwater selfies or make bizarre underwater Vines. Keep it clean though, eh?


Whiten Teeth

With a quality teeth whitening kit, you can give your mouth a makeover and craft some pearly whites that are sure to impress!


Save the planet

Cut down on the amount of hot water you use in the bathroom to help reduce carbon emissions and save the lovely ice caps.


Christmas Shopping

Prepare for what is commonly referred to as "the most stressful time of year" in a stress-free environment. Tick off peeps on your christmas list from the comfort of your own tub.


Take the Hit

Quell your thirst for anarchy by using your own bathroom wall for graffiti instead of the walls and cubicle doors found in public restrooms


Learn a Language

Finally something productive! Use an audio learning CD or an interactive learning program like Babel or your laptop, tablet or phone to pick up a foreign language!


Get Romantic

Woo your other half with a romantic bathroom setup; scented candles, champagne on ice, chocolate liqueurs and big Barry White on the soundbox - you can't lose.


Take a Bath Selfie

Comedy mogul Ricky Gervais invented the grotesque bath selfie; walk in his footsteps and create the ugliest bath selfie going!


Healthy Halloween Fun

Bobbing for apples is an old Halloween tradition; set up your bobbing station in the bath and award points to whoever fishes the most apples in 30 seconds!


Make Like a Monk

Meditation might be a bit too far for some people, but it can really help relieve stress and improve mental wellbeing. Take a dip and give it a try!


Flower Tub

Give your old vintage tub a lick of paint and fill with soil and flowers for a funky, rustic addition to your garden. Guests will be amazed, and slightly confused.


Make an art installation

Did you know that in 1917 a brainbox called Marcel Duchamp crafted an iconic art piece by signing a urinal and putting it on display? Someone should try it with a sink or something.


Get a Massage

Treat yourself to a soothing massage whenever you like with a super-cool and modern whirlpool bath. We stock tons of great models, in case you were wondering.


Bubble Beard

Forget the stress of day-to-day life; hit the bathroom and craft a foamy beard to put a smile on that lovely face!


Get Comfy

Upcycling is all the rage right now, and by turning your old bathtub into an awesome armchair you could save a ton on furniture and give your living room a facelift too!


Ahoy There

Make your own pirate movie with some floating galleons, a few dodgy accents and a waterproof camera!


Math in the bath

There are plent of great toys and kits for kids that can help them get super smart while taking a bath. Secure your retirement and teach your youngster math in the bath!


Do your business

All great minds do their business in the bathroom, order new business cards and take those important calls whilst power scrubbing.


Gelli Baff

This was clearly made for kids, but why should they have all the fun? Empty a pack of vibrant Gelli Baff into your tub for a one way ticket to Smilesville.


Try a new hair colour

Tired of your regular hair colour? Looking for a change? The standard bathroom has everything you need to revamp your head, except the dye.


Toilet seat prank

Those things that look like something is coming out of the toilet when you open the lid.


Get your spa on

Create your very own spa in the comfort of your own home with a few choice products or some homemade ones.


Help Yourself

There are a huge range of fantastic audio books on the market now that can teach you a huge range of skills and techniques. Some relaxing downtime in the bathroom is a good opportunity to tune in!


Transfer Fever

Wall transfers are all the rage at the moment; create something truly fancy by finding a transfer that feels right for your bathroom.


Groom yourself silly

Good looks don't happn by accident; it takes time, care and chuffing good mirror. Find the products that work for you and craft that almighty hairdo to perfection.


Get Snug

Need an extra bed for a guest? Is that guest open to sleeping in unconventional surroundings? Fill the bath with pillows and blankets and see how it works out.


Go Fishing

There are tons of these funny little toy sets for kids; empty the little fishies into the bath and try to catch the most fish! Althought you should probably let the kid win, you monster!


Be a Winner

Competition entering is a serious business for a lot of people and there are thousands of prizes to be won from online competitions - a worthy use of bathtub downtime.


Make Bank

If you're in the freelance market find out what you can do to make a little extra money! Freelance websites such a People Per Hour are a perfect starting point.


Bathroom Laboratory

Little ones love to play games in the bath or shower! With some plastic chemistry beakers they can mix shampoos and coloured gels to make a range of foamy concoctions.


Tune In

Listen to your favourite radio station or catch up on sports coverage using these compact and nicely-priced bathroom radio sets!


Keep Toasty

Taking a bath or shower in winter months can be less than pleasurable, but with a toasty towel fresh from your heated towel rail, there won't be any more bathroom-induced colds!


Shower Bath

For those who own a 'shower over bath', enjoy your own steamy tropical monsoon by chilling in the bath area and filling it with the shower. You're a bathroom maverick.



Create a bold custom bathroom that fits your crazy needs!


Create Mist

Using dry ice to create a bellowing mist effect during Halloween parties look fantastic and gives the bathroom an incredibly spooky look.


Destroy a Leak

Seek and destroy a leak in your toilet by adding a few drops of food colouring to your water cistern, if you see the water in the bowl change colour without flushing you know there's a leak!


Watch Jezza

What could be better than soaking in an awesome spacious tub, and catching up with the latest insanity from the Jeremy Kyle Show on your very own bathroom tile TV? 'Nuff said.


Learn to Swim

Every journey starts with a single step, and learning to swim starts with learning to float... kind of.


What's cooler than being cool?

Rock a bathtub full of ice and beverages to keep your party or BBQ guests cooler than a polar bear's packed lunch.


Do it like Grandma

Washing machines can be temperamental; if yours decides to break down mid-week, get those clothes in the bath or shower with some suitable soap and scrub them clean!


Eat a Meal

OK, eating a meal in the bath may sound a little weird, but it's kinda liberating... kinda.


Wacky Races

Enter your local 'Wacky Races' and turn your old bathtub into your own crazy race-mobile; just be careful for Pete's sake.


Soak the Guns

Been working out? Soak those intimidating triceps in a deep and spacious bath by adding a little muscle-soothing salt or bubble bath to the water. Just don't hurt nobody, big guy.


Use the Tech20 Cyber Mirror

These babies don't come cheap, but if you're the type that puts their collection of gadgets before their own financial well being, this computer-mirror may be for you!


Stay Sharp

None of us are getting any younger pal, keep that brain as sharp as a tiger's tooth by using bathroom time to play Nintendo Brain Training!


Treat Someone

Nothing says "Welcome home" like a candle lit bubble bath and a nice cup of tea. Perfect for getting on your parent's good side before birthdays and Christmas!


Budget Snorkeling

Have your very own underwater adventure. Fill your bath with sponges and treasures of the deep for an authentic snorkeling adventure that you won't forget until bedtime.


Get your freak on

Dance, sing and go out of your mind, just make sure you're on a non-slip surface of some sort.


Sculpt an aweome moustache

Make like your great granddaddy and embrace the 'tache; you'll never look back.


Smash a workout

Looking to add a home weight lifting routine into your day? Get it done in the bathroom, because that's where all the mirrors are, handsome.


Try writing something

Become the next J.K. Rowling and write a book that will be remembered throughout the ages. Just make sure you write it in the bathroom, where people can't interfere.


Make a short film

Just think of all those famous bathroom movie scenes. You could be the next Wes Craven.


Live in the future

Using the awesome futuristic-looking bathroom fixtures we have available, you can create a sleek vision of the future in your very own household.


Get Shredded

For anyone looking to lose a little weight before hitting the beach, steam cabin enclosures have been proved to aid weight loss and burn additional calories!


Create a fitness centre

Looking to get into shape, build some muscle or lose some extra fat? The bathroom is the perfect place to track your weight, measurements and body fat percentage as well as take those important progress pictures!


Be a Greener Cleaner

Cut down on chemical clearners and do your bit for this lovely planet by using homemade bathroom cleaner made from all natural products. Here's an awesome how-to guide fromCrunchy Bettey.


Be a basket case

Looking for something a little different in the storage department? Hanging baskets vertically on the wall can look truly bodacious if done correctly.


Catch up with the gang

Some downtime in the bathroom is great time to have chat via SMS, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, just be sure to dry your hands first.


Be Wise, Revise

That upcoming exam isn't going aywhere and it's giving you that look that Ivan Drago gave Rocky. Use your bath like Rocky uses chunks of raw meat and revise hard to beat that exam!


Zone Right Out

Something as simple as a bit of relaxing music or the sound of a slowly dripping tap can help you drift away into some kind of zen-like state. Just remember to set an alarm if you have plans.


Prepare for wet warfare

Plotting somebody's watery destruction? The bathroom is the perfect place to fill up your water balloons and water guns without getting spotted!


Bath your pet

Dogs and cats are undeniably fantastic creatures but there's no denying that some of them stink. Getting your beloved pets used to a quick wash in the bath or shower will ensure you can rinse them whenever needed without too much hassle.


Make a scary clip

Tons of great famous horror scenes take place in the bathroom! Upload your very own horror clips to find by catching reflections of freaky ghost-type people in your bathroom mirror!


Property Development

Boost the value of a property by replacing old and unfashionable bathroom suites with high quality modern suites that will appeal to prospective buyers.


Keep toastier

Enjoy the luxury of a heated bathroom floor in winter, eliminating chilly floors and raising the temperature of the room, Take that, winter.


Power Drinking - Thirsty?

Fill the bathroom sink with squash insert your (clear) face and gulp it down.
Disclaimer: This could be considered weird, unhygienic and a little unsavoury. Be careful.


Umbrella, ella, ella

Performance test your umbrella under the powerful, unforgiving water flow of your shower. It probably doesn't need doing, but some people have a lot of time on their hands.


Shower Hero

Shower like a tough guy, put one hand on the wall and deal with all the emotional problems gunfights can cause.


Unique Baggage

Here's another great upcycling tip, by using old materials from your bathroom such as shower curtains and regular curtains, you can craft vintage or retro handbags.



Jump on the vain traina and take a few selfies. Don't forget the duck lips, cutie.


High Score Champion

Whether it's Plants VS Zombies or Candy Crush Saga, everyone has a game on their phone or tablet that demand satisfaction. Reach for the stars and beat that high score!