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How to Tile a Bathroom

Tiling a bathroom can be quite a tricky process. Professionals can charge a significant amount of money for good tiling work, and if you’re pushed for time and need a high-quality finish, this can be money well spent. However, if you’re looking to save money then it’s well worth considering taking on the tiling as a […]

What Causes a Bad Showering Experience?

In our blog section, we usually talk about bathroom products in the best light. Showers are a bathroom essential in most homes, whether it is a shower bath, wet room or shower enclosure is installed. Having said that, not all showers are made to a high standard. There is a big difference between a run […]

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Bathroom Tiling Ideas

Bathroom tiling can transform a plain bathroom into an incredible one! Gone are the days of plain white walls; 2017 is the year of maximizing natural beauty. Think brown and green palettes, with use of slate and stone textures to bring the outdoors indoors. If you’re thinking of re-tiling your bathroom, make sure to give our showroom in […]

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Childproofing Your Bathroom

Childproofing your home is a time-consuming, yet essential, part of parenthood to ensure that children do not accidentally cause harm to themselves using regular household items. Here, we let you know of the main safety risks you should look out for in your bathrooms and how to avoid them. Clean Regularly To Prevent Nasty Mould and […]

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New Years Resolutions That Are Easy To Stick To!

Not planning on making any New Years resolutions this year? Think again! Instead of choosing to deprive yourself by giving up junk food, alcohol, smoking… (all the cliché resolutions that are never kept, lets be honest), why not make a lifestyle change that doesn’t take much effort but will contribute towards making your home a nicer […]

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Bathroom Design 2017: Trends To Look Out For

What will be the big trends in bathroom design 2017? Here are Bathshop321’s predictions for interior design elements that we think you will be seeing in the next year, based on expert options and trends we’ve spotted online. Bathroom Trends 2017 Vintage Styles Roll top baths are going to make a comeback in bathroom design 2017, with […]

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Genius DIY Christmas Decorations For Your Bathroom

We all love Christmas! One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting to drape your house with sparkly, shiny decorations and revel in the excitement as the big day approaches. If you don’t want to splash out on expensive ornaments though, we have the perfect way to decorate your house stylishly on a […]