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childproofing your bathroom

Childproofing Your Bathroom

Childproofing your home is a time-consuming, yet essential, part of parenthood to ensure that children do not accidentally cause harm to themselves using regular household items. Here, we let you know of the main safety risks you should look out for in your bathrooms and how to avoid them. Clean Regularly To Prevent Nasty Mould and […]

new years resolutions

New Years Resolutions That Are Easy To Stick To!

Not planning on making any New Years resolutions this year? Think again! Instead of choosing to deprive yourself by giving up junk food, alcohol, smoking… (all the cliché resolutions that are never kept, lets be honest), why not make a lifestyle change that doesn’t take much effort but will contribute towards making your home a nicer […]

guest bathroom

Banished! How To Get Rid Of Limescale In Your Toilet Cistern

Those who admire sparkling chrome surfaces will be all too familiar with limescale. This bathroom antagonist not only taints your bathrooms cosmetic value but it also does damage to its overall health. Limescale leaves behind a white film that lies on surfaces and over time can lead to soap scum build up. Simply by grabbing […]

See the Bathshop321 Gorilla go Ape!

As you may know, January 14th was ‘National Organise Your Home Day’, and at Bathshop321 we figured we’d put together a short and useful video showing just how easy it can be to tidy up that bathroom clutter using one of our modern mirrored cabinets. Everything was running smoothly; our leading man Mark was organising […]

Simple Tips on How to Keep an Organised Bathroom

The bathroom is the main place in the home that we try to stay away from when it’s time for a Spring clean. It may be a private place but it does need to be neat and clean all of the time. If you find that you’re having a hard time keeping it organised and […]

How to Remove Bathroom Mould

Welcome back avid home DIY’ers! This week the Handyman has his eyes set on an all too familiar bathroom problem that has plagued homeowners with bad smells and an unsightly appearance for years: mould and mildew.

So, prepare your bathroom once again for another how-to lesson!

Regular Bathroom Cleaning Habits to Slip into your Routine

Most of us could possibly live with a little dust on the mantelpiece or even a growing pile of dirty dishes by the sink, but very few of us can tolerate a dirty bathroom. Bathrooms should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week, but there are a few steps you can take to reduce […]

Prevent and Remove Mould on Shower Curtains and Enclosures

When it comes to removing and preventing mould, shower curtains and enclosures are hard to keep in top condition. Mould is unsightly, but it is also harmful to your health, giving you all the reason you need to remove and prevent it as quickly as possible. Here are a few useful steps and advice on […]