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bathroom jargon

Bathroom Jargon: What Does It All Mean?

We understand that putting together a new bathroom can be stressful – ordering items, tiling walls, arranging plumbing and building work to name just a few of the things that can raise your blood pressure. Then you’re confronted with confusing bathroom jargon such as ‘comfort raised’, ‘thermostatic’ and ‘close coupled’… what does it all mean? To make […]

Ice Baths: Why Do Olympic Athletes Love Them?

It’s Olympic season and it’s very likely that you have seen or will see a lot of Olympians using ice baths straight after their events have finished. But why do they feel the need to subject their bodies to this torture? Being in the business of baths ourselves, we were quite interested to find out why, […]

Bathroom Revolution: The Water Recycling Shower!

As you may know, at Bathshop321 we love the subject of water and energy saving, in fact we can’t shut up about it. There are tons of great ways to reduce wastage of water and energy in the household, and we’ve created a ton of great guides and illustrated infographics to share some of these […]

Save it, Give it – World Water Week 2013

World Water Week begins today in Stockholm to address the world’s most pressing water issues. Following on from World Water Day back in March, and as part of the International Year of Water Cooperation, World Water Week is an ‘annual focal point for the globe’s water issues‘. So why is this important? Continued awareness of […]