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How to create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Many of us are very aware of the push towards making our homes eco-friendly. There have been many campaigns driven towards eco-friendly living – including solar panel schemes that have been rolled out across the UK. In addition to this, on new-builds double pane windows are used to help reduce energy consumption. And the concept […]

How to Choose a Bath

The first thing to consider when buying a bath is what space you are working with in your bathroom. Most bathroom imagery is pretty aspirational and when customers try to recreate ‘the look’ at home they struggle for space.  If you are trying to maximise space in a smaller bathroom then a corner bath, shower […]

Is a Power Shower Right for you?

Are you searching for a luxurious showering option? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing the ins and outs of power showers and to help you to decide whether a power shower is right for your bathroom. Power showers have a pump to boost the water flow meaning […]

How to Choose the Perfect Basin for your Bathroom

All homeowners would agree that a basin sink is a bathroom essential, however, a sink can also be a standout piece in your bathroom design. There are so many options including Wall-hung, countertop, pedestal and more. How do you choose which will suit your bathroom design? In this article, we are providing all the information […]

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Childproofing Your Bathroom

Childproofing your home is a time-consuming, yet essential, part of parenthood to ensure that children do not accidentally cause harm to themselves using regular household items. Here, we let you know of the main safety risks you should look out for in your bathrooms and how to avoid them. Clean Regularly To Prevent Nasty Mould and […]

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