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Bathroom Remodelling Tips

When it comes to bathroom remodelling it can be tough, especially if you haven’t had any experience in this area before. If you are looking to take on the job with no professional experience then it may be in your best interest to take some time to properly prepare, so Bathshop321 are on hand to […]

Day 1 – Let the destruction begin

Day 1 First major job of the day was to remove the remaining tiles from the main wall. This although menial was vital to the overall project.  All in all I would estimate individually the tiles that I removed that day ran into the 000’s each tile needed three delicate hits with the end of […]

The 4 Day Challenge – Day 0.5

The first major job of the day was to remove all the old tiles. These tiles were tiled ontop of other tiles thus meaning they were incredibly difficult to remove. Around the top of the toilet came away with ease, they did remove half the plaster on the wall with them but they came away […]

The 4 Day Challenge – Introduction

The 4 Day Challenge As many of you may have read over that past few weeks, I had agreed to take on the mammoth task of gutting my old bathroom and replacing it with a shiny new suite from This was to be done in 4 days whilst my wife was cruising the Italian […]