How to Install a Waterproof Bathroom Television

Hello again trusty renovator! Are you looking to fix up or transform your bathroom? Do your bathroom fittings, fixtures and appliances need replacing with more modern and stylish models? Well worry not prospective DIY champion! The Bathshop321 Handyman is back to give you a helping hand with all your bathroom repairs, tweaks and installations!

Our first ‘How-To’ guide this month will be a simple step-by-step guide, detailing how to properly and safely install a waterproof bathroom TV.

How to install a waterproof bathroom tv

So, without further delay, throw on your overalls, clip on your tool belt and prepare your bathroom for a hi-tech addition that will delight the family and dazzle visitors!

Equipment You’ll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Rawplugs
  • File
  • Drill (with tile drill bit if using on tiled walls)
  • Silicone and gun
  • Tile Cutter (for tiled walls only)   OR   Handheld Circular Saw (standard/un-tiled walls)
  • Personal protective equipment (i.e. safety gloves, dust mask, goggles)
  • Dust Sheets


Before we start, be sure you are confident in your ability to carry out this installation safely; in this guide, we’ll be cutting into walls and tiles as well as installing electrical wiring, so if you need help or are unsure about a certain aspect of this installation, seek help from a professional.

Bathshop321 takes no responsibility for any injuries or damage incurred.

Preparing Your Bathroom for Installation

  1. The first step in installing your waterproof television is deciding where it’s going to go. We refer to these as bathroom televisions as we simply love bathrooms, but these gadgets are extremely versatile, sitting well in the kitchen, (making good use of their waterproof properties) as well as other rooms of the house.
  2. The wall you choose must have room ‘behind the wall’ for the back section of the television, so be sure to install the TV on a cavity wall that does not have any gas or water pipes, or electrical wiring behind it.
  3. Cutting into the wall or tile will make a lot of mess, so we advise you to lay some old dust blankets down, as you would when painting a room.
  4. If you’re installing the television above the ‘tap end’ of the bath, above a sink or inside a shower enclosure, securely plug and cover the drains; accidentally filling these with dust and plaster can cause blockages and future costs and hassle.
  5. If you are cutting or removing tiles on your wall to install the television, it’s a good idea to have some matching backup tiles; even the most skilled tiler can use just a little too much pressure and crack an adjoining tile. Use caution when using tile cutters, tile drill bits and chisels.

The installation Process

Bathroom TV step 11. The first step should be properly measuring the area of the ‘back box’ and cut a hole accordingly to house this section. You may need to cut 1 or 2mm extra if you are having trouble placing the unit into the wall. Once you can fit the TV into the hole, mark where the screw holes are with a pencil and drill to a matching width.

bathroom tv step 22. Push wall plugs into the holes and pull the required leads and antenna to the back of the unit. Note: Reaching the television with an antenna and cables is much easier if they are fed through from an adjoining room, for example if you have an aerial installed in your upstairs bedroom, it will be much simpler to fit an extension here and drill into the wall from the other side, feeding the aerial through, than feeding it from downstairs.  It is advisable to have an aerial fitted professionally as close to the unit as possible.

Bathroom tv step 3

3. Connect the leads to the television and test properly to make sure they are correctly and securely installed. We’re going to be fitting the television silicone in the next step, so getting this right first time will save you a lot of trouble down the line. Test the connections and channels (including AV channels for connections such as Sky) before proceeding.

Bathroom tv step 44. Apply a bead of silicone to the back of the unit and sit it in the hole, applying pressure while the silicone sets. Then screw the unit into place, fixing it securely before releasing.
Bathroom TV step 5To cover the screw heads, our Techvision waterproof TV’s come with stylish screw hole covers; fix these in place to cover the screw points and give your new TV a stylish chrome edge.


Installing the speakers for the television mainly follow the same process at the waterproof television, but on a smaller scale, but here’s a quick run-through just in case.

speaker 1

1.  Cut out a hole for the back section of the speaker to fit into.

speaker 3

2. Feed cables from TV to speakers.

speaker 2

3. Connect and test cables before proceeding. 

speaker 4

4. Push back the wire clips and slide the speaker into place. 

speaker 5

5. Enjoy your new waterproof entertainments system!


Make the most of your fantastic new bathroom television by relaxing in a hot bath or shower and tuning into your favourite TV shows, or treating your special someone to a surprise candlelit bubble bath with champagne and a romantic movie!

So there we have another job made easy with the Bathshop321 handyman; who knew he had such a soft spot for romance and a knack for bathroom electronics! Be sure to check back soon for more fantastic ‘how to’ guides, broken down into simple and manageable steps.

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