New Years Resolutions That Are Easy To Stick To!

Not planning on making any New Years resolutions this year? Think again! Instead of choosing to deprive yourself by giving up junk food, alcohol, smoking… (all the cliché resolutions that are never kept, lets be honest), why not make a lifestyle change that doesn’t take much effort but will contribute towards making your home a nicer place to be?

Just pick one of our easy suggestions to make a small (but significant) change to your life!

Start flushing the toilet with the seat closed

You might have heard before that the action of flushing a toilet causes a mini tornado of germs and bacteria to shoot into the air in a fine mist and land upon whatever is in its way. This could mean your bathroom surfaces, your exposed skin and even your toothbrush! In 2017, keep all that nasty stuff where it belongs by closing the toilet seat before flushing! Minimum effort, maximum cleanliness.

new years resolutions

Don’t flush EVERYTHING

The poor men and women that work on our sewage network will tell you that flushing anything other than pee, poo or paper causes massive problems for our waste disposal systems. Huge ‘bergs’ of non-biodegradable products that have been flushed down our toilets can actually build up and end up blocking vital pipelines that keep our sewage networks running. Make one of your new years resolutions in 2017 be to THINK before throwing anything down the toilet. Sanitary items, face wipes, kitchen towels – all need to be put into the bin, not the bog!

Get into a regular cleaning routine

We recommend that you deep clean your bathroom once a month, although obviously wipe down surfaces as and when you need to in between this time. I’m sure we’ve all left cleaning until it absolutely needs to be done and have had to build up the courage to face it. By making sure to dedicate a hour or two to cleaning your bathroom, you’ll soon find that you don’t actually have much to clean each month! Check out our short guide to bathroom cleaning hacks.

Always use a Squeegee!

Wiping down your shower after using it is one of the easiest things to do and is so important to maintaining a clean, mould-free bathroom. By wiping away the water residue, it prevents the growth of mildew (and it also just looks cleaner!). Best of all, Squeegees only cost about a quid from budget stores – so get down to your local high street this January!

new years resolutions

 The best of luck with all your New Years resolutions, whatever they may be!


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