Bathroom Design 2017: Trends To Look Out For

What will be the big trends in bathroom design 2017? Here are Bathshop321’s predictions for interior design elements that we think you will be seeing in the next year, based on expert options and trends we’ve spotted online.

Bathroom Trends 2017

Vintage Styles

Roll top baths are going to make a comeback in bathroom design 2017, with a return to much more traditional styling. Victorian and Edwardian inspired pieces will be coming back into our homes to create a vintage feel, paired with ornate yet modern furniture. The beauty of Edwardian and Victorian style is the meticulous detail that goes into the design of the items. You will notice that toilet cisterns, freestanding bath legs and basins will have intricate designs carved or moulded into them for a sense of traditional grandeur.

Expect to see an increase in classical bath shower mixer taps to complete the retro look. For more bath tap information view our bath tap guide.

bathroom design 2017

Warm Colour Schemes

In 2016 the big colour trend was grey, creating an industrial, warehouse feel to your bathroom. In 2017, this will slowly begin to shift towards warmer, more natural colours such as brown, terracotta and beige. Think of Morocco on a balmy summer’s eve. We love the pairing of dark oak furniture with lighter brown and beige walls and flooring, which really feels like you’ve brought the beauty of nature indoors. This colour scheme looks especially good in character properties and cottages where you can play around with the original features of your home to create a timeless bathroom design. Click here to take a look at our selection of great value oak furniture.

Unusual Shaped Tiles

We will start to see a move away from square, rectangular tiling to more unusual shapes such as triangular and hexagonal tiles. This may sound like your bathroom may start looking cluttered and bright, but this trend is best used in a minimalist way as you can see in the image below, which perfectly uses white, hexagonal tiling to create texture and depth to the bathroom.

If you have any questions or want to browse the styles of tiles available, you are very welcome to come on down to a Bathshop321 showroom where our helpful team will be happy to guide you and answer your questions.

Scandinavian Style

Another big colour scheme that will become prevalent in bathroom design 2017 is the minimalist Scandinavian colour palette of light wood and white walls to recreate the look and feel of a spa or sauna. We absolutely love how the basin and toilet set pictured below is paired with a light grey floor and a white, bare brick feature wall. The only problem that we can see with this bathroom design is that it would be very difficult to keep clean! To recreate the look below for yourself, we suggest going with the Tavistock Match and Tavistock Courier basin and toilet sets which you can see here.

bathroom design 2017 scandinavian

Super Showers

Gone are the days of a small electric shower in your main bathroom; over the next few years you will see large format showering become the new normal. This trend will see bathrooms seem bigger to the eye, as having an open showering area rather than an enclosure will keep the room open and airy, therefore creating the illusion of space. In keeping with Scandinavian designs discussed previously, wet rooms are on the rise and they are surprisingly easy to install even if you don’t want to build in a slope down to the drain. Simply invest in a low profile shower tray and a glass shower screen to create the wet room look, prevent water leakage and maximise the space in your bathroom.

But it’s not just the showering space which will change. Digital and wireless showers are increasing in popularity, with features such as remote temperature and flow control. As you would expect they are more expensive than regular showers, however as the market expands we expect prices to begin to come down. We stock a fantastic selection of Grohe wireless digital showers at discounted prices.

super-showers bathroom design 2017

Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

Almost every industry in the world is working on how to make their products more environmentally friendly and the bathroom industry is no exception. There are now toilets that use less water per flush and baths which hold less water, so with this theme in mind, a bathroom design 2017 trend based around the environment has emerged. To feel more at one with nature, why not have the addition of pot plants in your bathroom? A splash of green will lift the mood of the room and looks especially beautiful when paired with white walls to make the colours pop.

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