Family Bathroom Ideas

Creating a family-friendly bathroom isn’t always a breeze. You will need to make considerations based on age, preferences, budget, and more. In today’s article, we will be discussing how you can design a bathroom suitable for children but also somewhere that adults enjoy using too.   

We will warn you that you may need to make some compromises to accommodate the needs of everyone.  There may be a stylish bathroom fixture that you love but in terms of practicality, it may not be the best option for a child. Similarly, there may be something that the children may like but will make your bathroom look like a play area. Come together as a family and share ideas so that everyone has a little bit of input.  

How to create a family bathroom   

Extra storage  

It is important to make use of space wisely in a family bathroom. Shared bathrooms, when left unorganised, often become an area filled with clutter.  If one person’s items can become a source of clutter can you imagine the look of your bathroom if you multiplied that by 4? Try looking for bathroom storage that provides enough room for everyone’s bits and bobs without occupying too much space. Make sure you also keep cleaning products stored away properly too.

Our recommendations  

Hudson Reed Sarenna Wall Hung Cabinet and Basin  

This wall hung cabinet and basin has been designed by Hudson Reed to enhance the storage and space in your bathroom. The cabinet showcases a graphite finish and contrasts with the ceramic basin that is pre-drilled with one single tap hole. This unit is equipped with chrome handles and soft close draws to provide a quieter closing action and to avoid little fingers getting trapped. Purchase on our site from £616! This is a massive reduction from its RRP and an excellent price for such a beautifully crafted bathroom fixture.  

Hudson Reed Quartet Double Cabinet and Basin (Natural Oak) 

To achieve a luxurious, modern look in your family bathroom, look no further. The Hudson Reed Quartet Natural Oak Unit is high-quality and is certain to enhance your storage capacity. This large wall mounted vanity unit creates the illusion of a larger bathroom by freeing up floor space. It has 4 separate drawers beneath the two basins so you can arrange your bathroom products however you like. The drawers have chrome bar handles and are soft closing. You can find this cabinet and basin from £446. Again, we have significantly reduced the cost of this item from its retail price of £972.  

Voda Design Arlo Tall Side Cabinet (White) 

If you’re looking for some extra bathroom storage, the Arlo Tall Side Cabinet from Voda Design could be perfect for you. This cabinet has a slimline 300MM design and would look amazing in contemporary bathroom spaces. It has 3 separate drawers so you can organise your bathroom items easily. You can purchase this cabinet on our website from just £138! 

Shower or bath? 

This is a question that tends to spark a bit of a debate. It is also a question that may receive a varied response. We recommend installing a separate shower and bath so that everyone’s preferences are met. However, if there is not space, a shower bath is an excellent option. A shower bath will provide plenty of space to bath a child and has space at the opposite end designed for showering. Shower baths are also available in many shapes and sizes, however, the most popular are P and L shaped models. 

Our recommendations    

Voda Design Zane D Shaped Bath 

This double ended D Shape Bath is spacious making it perfect for long, relaxing soaks. The doubled ended bath allows you to add the taps of your choice as the sides are undrilled.  Pair this bath with wall mounted bath taps or a bath filler for an elegant look. This bath has been made from 5MM thick acrylic meaning that it will withstand the daily wear and tear of family usage. All products by Voda Design have budget friendly prices too, this bath is a bargain at just £221! 

Voda Design Kaso 6 2 Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure 

The Quadrant Enclosure from Voda Design sport a modern look with measurements that are perfect for a bathroom with limited space. The stylish stainless-steel handles add a contemporary touch as well as making the doors easy to operate. This shower enclosure has been crafted using 6MM safety glass and is supplied with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind. At just £224 this shower enclosure is an affordable investment that will greatly improve your bathroom.  

Voda Design P Shaped Shower Bath 

This P shaped shower bath from Voda Design has been made using highly reinforced 5mm acrylic so it is strong and durable. Combining a shower and bath into one suite item can help to save space in a smaller bathroom. This bath has a curved design at one end to provide a generous showering area within your bath. If you choose to buy this bath it is only £167.74! You can choose to add a shower bath screen which will ensure any excess water spray from the shower doesn’t get all over your floors.   

Premier L Shaped Square Shower Bath  

The Premier L Shaped Shower Bath is ideal if you’re on a budget but are looking for a high-quality shower bath This L shaped bath has a modern design which will easily match with other contemporary suite items. It is made from acrylic which means that this bath is strong and can withstand bumps and daily usage.  It is available in both left- and right-hand options to suit a variety of bathroom layouts. You can pair this shower bath with a luxury shower screen and bath panels that have a white finish to complete the look.  Buy this bath today from £153! 

Bathe Easy Style Left Hand Easy Access Bath 

Easy access baths are worth looking at if you live with someone who is elderly or disabled. This bath reduced trip hazards by featuring a door that provides easy access to the bath. This means the person using the bath will not hurt themselves trying to get in the bath. The bathe easy bath can be used as a shower bath too as it is supplied with a shower screen.  This bath features a comfy hinged folding seat, low threshold door, and a manual locking system.  

Eco Expressions Var Valve and Shower Kit 

With safety in mind, thermostatic shower heads and taps are perfect for bathrooms with very young children. Showers with thermostatic features, such as the Eco Expressions Shower Kit, prevents the risk of scalding. The valve will work on 0.5 bar and has been designed to compensate any sudden change in temperature, i.e. a tap being switched on. This shower has a solid brass construction and has a modern chrome finish. This shower is priced at an affordable £49.99! 

Choose flooring correctly  

A wet floor can be very dangerous for anyone let alone small children and the elderly.  It is a very good idea to invest in a flooring option that is durable and can also be wiped clean with ease.  Shower baths such as the ones we have listed above are also a great solution as they are usually supplied with a glass screen that keep any splashes of water to an absolute minimum. 

Linea LVT Vinyl Click Floor Panelling (Grey Oak) 

The Linea LVT Vinyl flooring in grey oak will create a cosy feeling in your family bathroom. Vinyl is an excellent flooring choice for bathrooms. The reason for this is that it is impervious to water. It is also highly durable and can last many years if well maintained. These click vinyl panels are easy to install and can be placed over existing ceramic, vinyl, or timber. These panels are just £39.99 per square metre.  

Linea LVT Vinyl Click Floor Panelling (Perlato Stone) 

Here is another choice from the stunning Linea collection. These vinyl panels emulate the look of real stone and produce natural look. These panels are also easy to install which is good to hear if you’re on a budget and cannot afford the expense of a professional. Even without DIY experience, anyone can click these panels into place as no glue is required for their installation. 

To summarise this blog, we want to advice that you make sure that your bathroom is safe proofed.  Children are often very curious and tend to play with anything that seems alien to them. Make sure that all of your bathroom cabinets have safe edges. We hope that today’s article has given you some useful tips that will help you towards creating the perfect family bathroom. Visit our blog for more bathroom related information and advice.