How to Brighten Your Bathroom

We all have a picture of what our ideal bathroom would look like. Light bouncing off of walls, plenty of floor space, light pouring in through large windows. But, more often or not this isn’t reality. Many bathrooms in the UK are on the more compact, some are windowless. What do you do if your bathroom doesn’t look like the images that you see plastered on social media? It may be darker earlier now but that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be.  Here are a few of our tips if you have minimal or no natural light in your bathroom space.

Colours choices

If you have a windowless or dark bathroom space you do not need to feel limited in any way. Lighter colour palettes are known to provide the illusion of more light while enhancing a spa-like feeling. With that said, you may feel the need to avoid dark colours for smaller bathrooms. It is often assumed that these colours will work against your goal of adding more light to the room. However, this is not always the case. Darker colours can be used as accents that will balance the room. You can incorporate this into your bathroom design by adding dark furniture pieces.

Additionally, if you paint your bathroom ceiling in coherence with the rest of the room it will allow the eye to travel through the space without interruption, again, creating the impression of a larger bathroom.

Reflective surfaces

Mirrors are a simple yet effective way of increasing the feeling of space in a bathroom. Start with a large mirror over the sink, such as a flat, frameless mirror. A gloss countertop unit will provide another surface that will allow the light to bounce around the room, making the space brighter overall.

In small bathrooms, adding bathroom accessories that have a chrome, gold or silver finish is a way to add another reflective surface without deducting from your space. If you can, set up your bathroom with as many reflective surface areas as possible so you can to increase the number of places that light can bounce off.


This tip seems like a no-brainer, however, adding lighting isn’t always a simple task. There is a wide range of lighting that you can install into your bathroom which can make deciding a little confusing. We recommend ceiling lights or recessed lighting overhead, plus task lighting near a vanity or where you are going to be getting ready. Try a fixture above the mirror or lighting on either side of the mirror in the form of sconces or hanging light fixtures. There are four main types of lighting that you can use in your bathroom to brighten it up.

Task Lighting

Firstly, task lighting which is used to illuminate workspaces, such as where you shave or would apply beauty products. We recommend adding light sources at either side of your mirror for shadowless illumination.

Ambient Lighting

Secondly, ambient lighting will provide a warm glow throughout your bathroom space. Installing ambient lighting near your showering area or bathroom cabinets is a perfect example of ambient lighting. This form of light eliminates shadows being cast on walls which can make the space seem darker.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is also essential in a bathroom to help it feel brighter and more spacious. Accent lighting can be placed inside a display cabinet or to light up a display.

Decorative Lighting

Finally, you will want to add decorative lighting. Decorative lighting is not only beneficial in adding light to the space but it can also serve as an eye-catching architectural piece in the room. Because there are so many different aspects of lighting that are essential to create adequate amounts of light in a bathroom.  Sit down and invest a bit of time in drawing up a plan that will help you to achieve the desired brightness in your bathroom.

There are numerous ways that you can integrate lighting into your bathroom even when natural light does not exist. Take the time to carefully think about your bathroom colour palette, lighting plan, and the addition of reflective surfaces. Having all these elements in your bathroom will help increase the feeling that the room is larger, and most importantly, brighter.

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