How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

A bathroom mirror is an imperative part of our daily grooming routines. When you’re next on YouTube search “getting ready without a mirror” and you will suddenly realise their often-overlooked importance. Because they are so necessary for us, it is vital that you choose a mirror well-suited to you and your bathroom. But, choosing a mirror for your bathroom seems like a simple enough task, right? When you think about lighting, humidity, space, it can end up being quite tricky to choose. In today’s article, we will be discussing everything you will need to know when selecting your bathroom mirror. 

Location and mounting  

One of the first things you will need to decide on is where you will be mounting your mirror. There isn’t much point in choosing a mirror to find out it won’t work in your space or be a pain to use (i.e. having to bend a certain way to look at yourself properly). Most mirrors in bathrooms will either be wall-mounted or placed on the countertop. Countertop mirrors are slightly easier to pick out as they can swivel to match different positions.  

If you select the more common wall-mounted option you should be choosing a mirror that is no bigger than your vanity area as this could create an unbalanced appearance. Never play the guessing game, take measurements and determine how the mirror will be used. How far is it from the wall to the edge of the counter? Will you be stood or sitting when using the mirror? Will the mirror in a position that is safe from other fixtures?  While this may sound tedious, it’s better than re-installation and a wall full of drill holes! 


As you decide where to place your mirror, think about lighting. If you have a window in your bathroom try hanging or placing the mirror adjacent to it. Despite natural daylight being the most favourable source of light, a lot of bathrooms do not have one at all. This can play havoc on your shaving or make-up routines. However, there are mirrors equipped with lights that solve this issue.  LED lights tend to be white and fluorescent and provide the most authentic-looking light out of other bulbs.   


Magnification is not always necessary but can be pretty handy for some. For those who have to wear eyeglasses, you will understand the dilemma of using the bathroom and your glasses steaming up. You then have to take them off and try to get through your morning and evening routine as best as you can. Magnification allows you to see into the mirror more clearly. This can also be useful for those with perfect vision. Magnification allows for more precise application of make-up, precise shaving, etc. Take a look at the Synergy Portia Mirror. It is the ideal bathroom accessory for when you are getting ready. Not only is it magnified, it is also fitted with LED lights.  

What else should you be looking out for? 

A mirror that is steam-free/ has a demister prevents the development of condensation on a mirror. It will not matter if you have a long, hot bath or shower, you will always be able to see your reflection clearly as you go to look at it. Steam-free mirrors are equipped with a heating pad that is located behind the mirror. This pad heats the surface of the mirror until it is slightly above room temperature. This prevents the mirror from steaming up. If a mirror isn’t equipped with a demister pad then you may find yourself having to wipe away the condensation (which will probably leave the mirror looking streaky) or having to wait until the condensation clears on its own.  

Our recommendations  

Voda Design Mirror 203 With IR Switch LED and Demister 

Created by Voda Design, this mirror oozes class and sophistication. This mirror is very easy to maintain and features an innovative infrared switch for the LED lights. The inbuilt heated demister is will ensure that your mirror is clear of condensations meanwhile the inbuilt clock means you can keep tabs on the time easily. This mirror is a firm favourite with our customers due to its effective design and many practical features. 

Purchase this mirror on our site today from just £199! 

RAK Ceramics Rubens LED Mirror with Demister 

The Rubens LED Bathroom Mirror brought to you by RAK Ceramics has a stunning appearance that has been finished to the highest standards. These standards ensure that this mirror will stand the tests of time and ensures durability. The demister is built into the mirror and provides a steam-free surface even in very humid bathrooms. It is illuminated by LED lighting which runs down the sides of the mirror. These lights can be turned on and off with an easy to use rocker switch. This bathroom mirror is designed to be wall-mounted and comes with a convenient shaver socket.  

This mirror is available on our site from the excellent price of just £138! 

Mirrors with shaving sockets  

As you can probably gather, modern mirrors can be equipped with a lot of handy features. Not only can mirrors be illuminated, stream-free, and magnified, they can also have shaver sockets attached to them. Now, this doesn’t seem like a big deal in comparison to the previous points mentioned but hear us out. In the past, if you wanted a space to use an electric shaver in your bathroom, you would have had to call upon your electrician. The electrician would install a socket onto your wall for the shaver. However, this tends to interfere with the décor you’re hoping to achieve. This makes the idea of simply plugging it into a mirror all the more enticing.  

Candela LED Heated Mirror with Shaver Socket and LED Clock 

This bathroom mirror is contemporary and luxurious. To turn on the LED lights use the “hands-free” feature. This infrared switch is safe and easy to use and enables the user to activate the lighting with a simple movement of the hand under the sensor. There is no need to pull down on a cord or place fingers onto the mirror itself. The LED lights fitted meet all applicable British Electrical Standards and frame the mirror wonderfully. The mirror also has a de-mister built-in to prevent the mirror steaming up. 

Grab a bargain, this mirror is now only £155! That is an astounding saving as the RRP for this mirror is £265.  

Bluetooth mirrors 

Ready to completely modernise your bathroom? If so, a Bluetooth Mirror is the way to go. Bluetooth mirrors will also appeal to music lovers making them a fantastic gift choice.  With a Bluetooth mirror, all you will have to do is connect your phone to the mirror and your chosen music will be played from the integrated speakers. Music isn’t the only thing that can be played though, you can also catch up on the news, podcasts, audio books, and more. And, with your phone being in an entirely different room, you won’t have to worry about dropping it in water or on your bathroom floor.  

Our recommendations  

Voda Design Avant Garde Bluetooth Mirror with Speakers 

The Voda Design Avant Garde Bluetooth Mirror features hidden speakers so you can listen to your favourite music as you use your bathroom. To listen to music all you will need to do is connect your Bluetooth device with your mirror. This mirror is also illuminated with LED lights that are energy efficient.  

This mirror boasts outstanding quality and can be purchased on our site for just £414! 

Hudson Reed Corona LED Bluetooth Mirror 

This mirror has been created with Bluetooth technology and high-quality stereo speakers for exceptional performance. This mirror has been fitted with 24 LED lights for illumination that is second to none. To turn this mirror on and off there is a sleek motion sensor at the base of the mirror. If you decide to purchase this mirror, do so with confidence as it is back by a 12-month guarantee.  

Purchase on our site from an affordable £229!     

We hope that today’s article has helped you to decide what type of bathroom mirror you want in your bathroom. As you can see, there are a vast array of options you can choose from. If you would like to look at other mirrors, take a look at our range. At Bathshop321, we only supply mirrors that are made to the highest standards. For more informative articles, be sure to follow our blog, alternatively, follow us on Facebook or Instagram for bathroom inspiration and snippets of advice.