Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

Having a small bathroom should not mean you have to settle on a bathroom design that you’re not happy with.  There are plenty of design options that look stunning and have been specially designed for smaller spaces such as en-suite and cloakroom bathrooms. In this article, we want to show you that with intelligent product choices, you will be able to have the bathroom of your dreams regardless of its size.  


Deciding on a colour scheme isn’t as easy as it sounds. Colour helps to create a mood in your bathroom. Having said that, choosing the correct colours in a smaller bathroom requires quite a bit of thought.  

Neutrals are a safe option for small bathrooms. This isn’t a bad thing at all though as they tend to create a lighter look that makes an area seem more spacious. Some say that using white is the best way to achieve a more open look. However, we suggest playing with other neutral tones like ivory, beige, and grey. If you decide to opt for an entirely neutral palette, then try layering different hues of the same colour for a sophisticated look that adds a bit of variation to the colour scheme.  

If you want to inject some bold colours into your bathroom design then try incorporating them into accessories such as towels and or with an accent wall. Accent walls are a brilliant way to add a pop of colour in your bathroom. We don’t recommend using more than two bold colours in a small space as it may become too much. Similar to our previous point, a brightly coloured accent wall works best with white walls or lighter versions of that colour. For example, a bold green wall accentuates a paler green wall in a bathroom.  


Most of us have quite a few products that we use as part of our bathroom routine. From shaving cream to cleaning products, all of these things can make a small bathroom look extremely cluttered and highlight a lack of space if they are not stored away neatly. 

If you do not have storage already, we recommend looking into the following: 

Vanity units  

A vanity unit is essentially a basin combined with storage. Since vanity units provide additional storage, they can help to reduce the clutter in your bathroom. Items which would otherwise be scattered across your bathroom can now be tucked away in the storage underneath the sink until they are needed. Many vanity units also have a countertop, so you can keep your essentials within arm’s reach.  

Our recommendations  

Tavistock Courier Countertop Vanity Basin Unit (Montana Gloss) 

With a compact form, this vanity unit is ideal for smaller bathrooms. It has a stunning wooden finish, with unique grains that make the unit appear as though it has been made out of real wood. This unit features 2 soft closing doors, chrome handles, and plenty of storage space for all your bathroom must-haves.  

Tavistock Compass Wall Mounted Vanity Unit (Clay) 

This stylish unit has a simple yet eye-catching clay finish. This unit has been designed to stand the test of time with a robust finish and strong drawers. The Compass bathroom unit drawer has a soft close mechanism ensuring that there are no loud slams as you close it.  

Wall hung bathroom furniture  

Wall hung bathroom furniture is excellent for bathrooms where space is restricted. When compared to the more traditional options, wall hung bathroom furniture is very good at optimising space, whilst still looking great. Wall hung furniture can be found in compact dimension too (as you will see in our recommendation section) Aside from the freeing up floor space and opening up the room visually there are other benefits too. 

One of the major benefits of a wall mounted furniture is that it can be fixed at any height, which enables you to make the space customised to your needs. Additionally, fixtures such as wall hung toilets and basins are much easier to clean than other options and their plumbing is concealed for a neat look.  

Our recommendations 

Voda Design Arlo Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Ceramic Basin (Grey) 

This wall hung vanity unit is perfect for modern bathrooms. It has a sleek design and a stunning grey finish. This vanity unit is supplied with a ceramic basin that has been built to a very high standard. 

RAK Joy Wall Hung Vanity Unit and Basin 

This vanity unit has a natural looking oak finish that would look stunning in both modern and traditional bathroom suites. It has a sleek, handle-less design that gives you access to fully extendable drawers. These drawers are soft close so you will not need to worry about loud slams or fingers getting trapped unexpectedly. 

VitrA S20 Short Projection Wall Hung Toilet Pan  

Introducing the S20 wall hung toilet that will create that little extra space as the projection is only 480mm from the back of the pan to the front. This toilet has a modern design that is certain to enhance any contemporary bathroom suite.  


Shower enclosures can be found in many different shapes and sizes that can work very well in small bathrooms. Choosing a shower enclosure isn’t a straight forward process so we recommend browsing to discover what kind of shower enclosure is applicable to your bathroom needs. For smaller bathrooms, we tend to suggest either a quadrant or offset quadrant shower enclosure. With clean curves and a large amount of internal space, quadrant enclosures can feel slightly roomier than rectangular or square alternatives. Many quadrant showers are equipped with sliding doors that won’t protrude into the room too. 

If you are redesigning a suite that isn’t large enough for a bath then a quadrant shower is an ideal solution. Quadrant shower enclosures offer a spacious and relaxing cleansing experience without compromising on comfort or style. 

Our recommendations 

Voda Design Kaso 8 Star Frameless Quadrant Hinged Shower Enclosure (Black) 

This quadrant shower enclosure brought to you by Voda Design has a frameless design and black finish. It will fit perfectly into the corner of your bathroom. The double doors open effortlessly and close firmly into place using a magnetic mechanism. 

Voda Design Kaso 8 Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure 

The Offset Quadrant enclosure will fit snugly in the corner of your bathroom. This shower enclosure can be fitted into small, awkwardly shaped bathrooms with ease. It boasts a state-of-the-art design made from 8mm toughened safety glass. This enclosure is fully reversible meaning you can have the entrance point at either the right or the left, whatever best suits your space. 


The decision between getting a bath or a shower in a small bathroom can be quite tricky. Often there isn’t room for both which in family homes can lead to a few quarrels. In these cases, you have to think about practicality as well as design. If you have young children then a bath is usually essential and that’s not to mention the benefits of enjoying a long, relaxing soak. Showers are loved for their invigorating effect and ease of use. There are also those of us that love bathing and showering which makes the choice between the two even harder. A shower bath is an excellent option that means you won’t have to compromise.  

L-shaped and P-shaped shower baths are designed to accommodate regular showers, but still give you a spacious bathing area. The P-shape has a curved end with a shower screen to create a spacious area at one end of the bath. L-shaped bathtubs are similar, featuring a built-in enclosure at one end of the bath, but is more angular in design. You can find out more about these types of baths in our shower bath guide.  

Our recommendations  

Voda Design Zane P Shaped Shower Bath 

This P shaped shower bath is made from highly reinforced 5mm acrylic.  Its stylish design makes it the perfect addition to any modern family bathroom. The P shape end provides plenty of showering space. This bath is available to buy on our site from just £176 so don’t miss out! 

Voda Design L Shaped Shower Bath 

The L shape shower bath is the ideal solution when space is limited and there is a necessity for both a bath and a shower within your home.  This bath has a gloss white finish so it fits well with most bathroom designs. You can also add an optional shower screen made from toughened safety glass. 

That wraps up our space saving bathroom tips. We hope that you’ve found this article informative and that it helps you to maximise your bathroom’s space to its full potential. If you’re completely renovating your bathroom, take a look at our space saving bathroom suites. These suites have been specially designed for smaller bathrooms and come in a variety of design options.