Winter Bathroom Trends

Bathroom design and image by Olson Kundig

A new season is here and what better way to kick things off than to compile all of our top bathroom trends for winter 2017. We’ve noticed some of our old favourites creeping back into the limelight such as warm metals and organic textures. However, we have also fallen in love with new styles that will offer incredibly stylish looks that would be easy to incorporate into an existing bathroom design. So, whether you’re looking to completely revamp your bathroom or you’re simply switching a few things up here and there, this article is for you.

Traditional bathroom designs are very popular with good reason. Vintage items tend to showcase a preference of excellent craftmanship over mass produced design. Enjoying a big revival, traditional styled bathrooms are highly sought after. Traditional bathroom styles are typified by roll top baths, high level toilet cisterns and classic brass fittings. However, enjoying a traditional bathroom design does not mean you cannot enjoy modern functionality. Even if you’re going for a strict theme, none of us want to endure the indignities of Victorian plumbing.

For traditional bathrooms you can’t go wrong with a freestanding bath. Finalise the look with a beautiful freestanding tap. Find out more about these taps in our bath tap guide.


A bathroom should be inviting and stylish all year round. However, at this time of year, many of us want to surround ourselves with warmth, often craving rich colours into our bathrooms such as browns and reds.

Bathroom Heating

To add to the warm vibe, invest in something that will actually heat up your bathroom. Heated towel rails are easy to install in any bathroom. Towel rails allow your towels to dry off quickly and quash lingering damp smells.  A combination of rich materials and warmth radiating from heaters spells out cosy better than anything else that springs to mind.

Wooden Panelling

For a cosy appeal that isn’t limited to the colder months, we would recommend wooden paneling.   Panelling not only looks the part as they are also a fantastic insulator meaning it will keep your bathroom warm and cosy during the winter months. Tongue and groove panels work exceptionally well with traditional bathroom style. The interlocking joints provide a very effective shield from water. This is a popular choice not only due to its neat appearance, but also as they are waterproof and very hygienic.

If you’re looking for the polar opposite of traditional then try adding bold colour choices into your bathroom. Injecting some fun splashes of colour, angular geometrics and florals can really liven up white ceramic appliances. Bold colours can be a big change and something that many of us fear trying in case we end up completely despising the outcome. We suggest that you invest a bit of time into organising your colour scheme – a Pinterest mood board will help to focus your ideas –  and be confident with your choices. This year’s shades are elegant and rich – think of colours such as deep teal and grey. We believe that this trend may start in the winter but it will continue through to next year.


The metallic trend has finally made it back into the bathroom scene and this is not limited to chrome only. Gold bathroom accessories have received a lot of love this year from interior design bloggers and this continues into winter. We love chrome but gold is a refreshing alternative. Golden bathroom accessories can work well with a variety of bathroom designs. Here at Bathshop321, we have a high-quality collection of gold bathroom taps, flush plates and more.


Space: we weren’t sure whether to include this point on our list but it is one of the most important attributes that your bathroom can have. There are a wide variety of bathroom appliances available to suit all bathroom sizes. When buying for your bathroom, the amount of space that you have versus what the eye actually perceives isn’t always the same thing.  If you have a smaller bathroom large items of furniture can often dwarf a small room. However, there are plenty of furniture options that cater to smaller spaces effectively. Floating (or wall mounted) bathroom fittings can visually enhance and maximise your space as more of the floor can be seen, whilst making cleaning a breeze too.

Shower Baths

Many homeowners seek practicality as well as a bathroom that looks good. Shower baths are a great option for those who have a smaller bathroom but can’t decide between a bath or a shower. Even if you prefer to have a shower, for the most part, having the option of a bath is always nice. Choosing between a shower or a bath comes down to lifestyle. Many of us like to have a shower first thing in the morning to wake up our senses. On the other hand, after a long day, a bath is a great place to relax and unwind. The most common designs for shower baths are P shaped shower baths and L shaped shower baths. Click here for more information on the difference between L shaped baths and P shaped baths.

Opting for a flush-to-floor walk-in shower or a complete wet room will give your bathroom a glamorous, spa-like feel. If this is what you have been searching for then a luxurious shower or a wet room is the perfect option for you. Although it might involve some initial building work, a tanked wet room negates the need for a raised shower tray, creating an open showering experience which provides the feeling of openness in your bathroom. The gently sloping floor also makes it ideal for both the young and old, and those with limited mobility as there are no trip hazards. Add personal touches such as scented candles to create your own personal retreat.

For more bathroom design inspiration, be sure to check back at our blog. Our bathroom design section is updated regularly and includes the trends we are seeing from our customers.