Where Do The Filthiest Men In The UK Live?



Ever wondered where the filthiest men of the United Kingdom fester? After asking the wives and girlfriends of 200 of our customers, we’ve highlighted the worst offenders from across the UK.  The results listed below are purely based on the number of showers or baths taken per week.

Thoughts of B.O, germs and excessive oiliness come to mind when we think of showering just once per week, right? Germophobes beware…


Map of UK regions and cities surveyed


To make it fair, we collected 50 responses per region, so without further ado, cast your attention to the Midlands where the muckiest men in the UK reside according to our study. A resounding 26% of men lather up a maximum of 2 or 3 times and only 2% indulge in a shower just once per week.

It isn’t just the Midlands that can be a bit grimy; the men of the South are equally as gross. The South showcases a cleaner result than that of the Midlands. However, they still take second place with 8% of men showering once a week and 16% only 2 or 3 times.




Moving further up the country, men haling from the North do not come up smelling of roses either. Our findings unearthed that 18% shower or bath a mere 2-3 times per week and 2% only once.

Things start to smell better the closer we get to the capital, finding that 8% of Londoners showered or bathed 2-3 times per week and 10% showered once.

Although its fair to say there are stinky offenders across all regions, we have to conclude that that the men of London are the least filthy, unless you rate them on how many of them only shower once making them the filthiest!

Take a look at the full data below and make your own mind up before choosing your next man hunt road trip.


Male Grooming statistics based on region


At first glance our findings may not seem drastically different, but when it comes to personal hygiene every single percentage counts, and considering we had to survey women about their partners or husbands bathroom habits (because single men could not be trusted to tell the truth the whole truth) we think we have got off lightly as suspect these figures would have been much worse.

Our findings don’t stop there either.  To see more about that we dared to ask about hygiene and grooming see the raw stats we gathered by clicking the button below: WARNING IF EASILY OFFENDED DON’T BOTHER.

Click here button for male grooming statistics 2016

In addition to the above we have also done a graphic that highlights some of the stats. Take a look by clicking here.



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