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    1600 x 900mm Complete Walk In Wetroom Shower Enclosure Inc Panel and Wetfloor

    RRP: £995.00

    SALE PRICE: £735.90

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    Main Features

    • Complete System
    • Includes 8mm Glass Panel
    • Includes Flooring
    • Includes Waste

    RRP: £995.00

    SALE PRICE: £735.90

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    A wetroom is a stylish addition to any modern bathroom. The concept is simple, select a floor system size and then select a glass panel appropriate for that flooring. After that all you do is tile over the wetroom floor and there you have a stylish, comtemporary enclosure.

    This enclosure comes complete with a 1600 x 1060mm floor (which you can cut down to 1600 x 900mm very easily) and a 900mm piece of wetroom glass. If you were to fit this item in between 3 walls as seen in the main image above this would leave you 700mm as an access to your shower enclosure. You do not have to fit this item between 3 walls, you can fit it into the corner of your room and leave it open at one end.

    If you would like to customise you enclosure with a slightly smaller/bigger piece of wetroom glass or slightly bigger or smaller enclosure then you can do that by clicking here or please feel free to give us a call and we would be more than happy to do that for you.

    About the Wetroom Glass Panel

    The wetroom panel is manufactured from clear 8mm safety glass and has a polished silver frame.

    Regardless of width the glass on all wetroom panels is 2000mm high.

    The panel has a 25mm adjustable profiles to allow for out of true walls. The panel comes complete with a 1000mm polished chrome bracing bar which can be cut down to size depending on how wide you choose to make your walk in shower.

    About The Flooring

    The wetroom system comes complete with a tanking kit to ensure a completely watertight finish.

    The three main issues encountered when creating a wetroom are gradient, drainage and waterproofing (tanking kit needed) all these problems have been addressed simply and successfully with this wetroom flooring system.

    Three steps to the perfect wetroom

    Gradient - The first step to any successful wetroom shower is to ensure that the water travels in the right direction. The wetroom system includes a floor former with a 17mm gradient on each side to ensure your water drains away consistently. The floor is just 30mm in depth and will replace your existing floor section or you can sit it on top of your floorboards. The floor is suitable for timber and concrete floors.

    Drainage - Now that you have ensured your water travels towards the drainage point, you need to ensure the water is removed safely. This is achieved by using the stainless stell waste gully that comes complete with your chosen system. The waste gully is height adjustable for varying tile depths and is complete with an attrative square waste plate.

    Waterproofing - Finally you need to ensure that your room is completely watertight this is done using the tanking kit. The tanking kit is applied onto a thin bed of flexible tile adhesive.

    The tanking kit comprises of:

    5 x 1mtr waterproof matting

    1 x external preformed corner

    4 x internal preformed corners

    12.5 mtr joint tape.

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