Bathroom Extractor Fans

  • Standard Extractor Fan

    Standard Extractor Fan

    RRP: £19.00

    SALE PRICE: £16.00

  • Extractor Fan with Timer

    Extractor Fan with Timer

    RRP: £24.00

    SALE PRICE: £19.99

  • Showerlite Extractor Fan

    Showerlite Extractor Fan

    RRP: £56.00

    SALE PRICE: £48.00

Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom Extractor Fans

The idea behind bathroom extractor fans is that they serve a number of important functions; the main function being they reduce the amount of moisture in the air of your bathroom suite. By doing this, an extractor fan can protect your appliances from becoming damaged or damp.

These fans are absolutely ideal for bathrooms with a lot of wooden appliances or flooring, because of the amount of moisture which comes from steam in your bathroom these wooden features can become easily damaged over time.The extractor fans can also reduce the amount of odour in your suite, which improves the overall pleasantness of your bathroom. These fans are fantastic value for the very important for the job they serve and are designed to be long lasting, durable, practical and discrete.