1700mm Baths

1700mm Baths

1700MM Baths

Bathshop321 offers a range of 1700mm baths, perfect for bathrooms which can allow for a little extra space to be used. These baths are the ideal size for complete relaxation, and present enough space to be more comfortable while bathing.

At Bathshop321, we offer dozens of both traditional and modern baths in this area including standard straight, shower baths that are either l shaped or p shaped and also double ended baths and guarantee you would be able to find the one that's perfect for your home. The vast majority of the 1700mm bathtubs are also available with a 'whirlpool system' upgrade, creating a complete paradise in your bathroom.

All of the baths in this category will vary different designs, styles and aspects but all offer one common factor - premium quality.

We also sell other types of baths for sale in various sizes in including 1500mm , 1600mm as well as 1700mm baths.

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