1600mm Baths

1600mm Baths

1600MM Baths

At Bathshop321 we offer a range of baths in various sizes including our 1600mm baths. The 1600mm length bath is right in the middle of sizes we offer, making this category the best choice if you are struggling to decide if you would benefit more from a small or a large bath.

You are guaranteed to be satisfied with a 1600mm bath, as they offer just the right amount of space needed for you to completely unwind. All baths come in a variety of widths including 650mm, 700mm and 800m

There is an extensive range of these tubs available; including p shaped baths with screens, freestanding to shower baths and every design in between, so you can be sure to find the perfect one for you. This range of 1600 baths include both traditional and modern aspects, making it even more of a certainty that you will find your ideal choice from our range which meets any budget.

Other baths are available in a variety of styles including shower baths , bathroom suites and tubs with different lengths including 1500mm and 1600mm as well as 1700mm baths.

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