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P Shaped Shower Baths

Add a little extra to your tub with our luxurious yet cheap P shaped baths. Our stylish curved shower bath designs with showering area give you more room to stretch out, whether you're enjoying a refreshing shower in your showering space or a relaxing soak.

All our P shape shower baths are designed with your comfort in mind and come usually with various types of screens and manufactured from the highest grade acrylic, which makes them warmer than traditional steel tubs. Baths are available in various sizes small and large including 1500mm, 1600mm 1700mm and 1800mm lengths with 700mm or 800mm widths. You can also choose left hand p shaped or right hand p shaped.

Upgrade any P shape bath to a Premier Finish or add a Whirlpool upgrade to made bath time special. Other bath types are also available for sale and we also have L shaped baths available as well as P shaped baths. 

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P Shape Shower Bath - Made In UK, With 6mm Screen & Bath Panel - All Sizes
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P Shape Shower Bath ONLY - Made In UK, Zane P By Voda Design
1500mm P Shower Bath - Made In UK, with 6mm Screen & Bath Panel
Pre Order
1600mm P Shower Bath - Made In UK, with 6mm Screen & Bath Panel
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1675mm P Shower Bath - Made In UK, with 6mm Screen & Bath Panel
Pre Order
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1700mm P Shower Bath - Made In UK, with 6mm Screen & Bath Panel
Pre Order
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6 Items

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Can I collect my order?
Yes you can. You must contact us to organise your collection time: 0330 053 6040
Are all p shaped baths the same size
No p shape baths come in a range of different lengths and widths. Ranging from 1500mm - 1700mm in length and 800 - 850mm in width.
Are p shaped bath panels standard size
The bath panels are not standard and need to be purchased in line with the length of bath you have chosen. If you have chosen a 1700mm P shape bath you will need the corresponding 1700 p shape bath panel to go with it (unless we are already supplying, it)
Are p shaped bath panels universal?
All of the panels that we supply will fit our baths. We only stock one P Shape bath without a panel so make sure if you purchase that you buy the corresponding panel to fit.
Are all p shaped bath panels standard fit?
All our bath panels will fit our p shape baths. We cannot comment on other people's panels but our panels will fit our baths.
Are all p shaped baths similar sized?
No not all p shape baths are of similar size. They come in a variety of sizes in both width and length. Be sure to check your measurements before purchasing.
Can a p shaped bath go next to a door?
Yes, P Shape baths can go next to a door as long as you make sure there is enough clearance for the screen to open should you have the p bath end closest to the door. It is advised however just for ease of use to have the p Bath end away from the bathroom door.
Can p shaped screen fit corner bath?
Unfortunately, the P Shape Bath screens will only fit our P Shape baths. Corner baths will come with their own screens
Do p shaped baths take up more space?
If by take up more space than a standard bath the answer is both yes and no. Yes, if you are replacing your standard bath like for like in length as there is a P Shape end which will come out wider than a standard bath.
Do the make steel p shape baths?
Bathshop321 do not currently supply a steel P Shape Bath
How wide is a p shaped bath?
Our P baths vary in size from 745mm - 850mm
What is the cost of a p shaped bath?
Our baths range in price from £186 - £249. Bear n mind that most of our shower baths come pre supplied with a screen and side panel.
Where do i put taps on a p shaped bath?
Most people put the taps at on depend on the shortest side of a p shaped bath much like a standard bath. Depending on your shower setup they could possibly go in the corner on the wall side also.
Where to position electric shower over p shaped bath?
Most showers are placed at the P end of our baths on the shortest edge but depending on your setup there is a possibility for it to go at the P End on the wall side of the bath. Its best to check with your plumber if you are not sure.
Is the Showering Area of the P shapes big enough?
Thes p baths are specifically designed to proved ample showering space for a fully frown adult. We can't guarantee there will be enough room for every user but for the most part there is plenty of room to enjoy a spacious shower in this one and the left hand p shaped version