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Over Bath Screens

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Bath Screens

There are multitudinous benefits to be had from the installation of an over bath shower in your bathroom suites. The most notable of these upsides is the often useful space saving attributes when compared to a separate bath and shower enclosure. In fact in many cases it is possible to install a compact bath with an over bath shower in bathroom spaces which apparently are too small to cater for a standalone standard bath. By combining the benefits of both a bath and a shower; over shower baths offer versatility and functionality.

If you do opt to fit a shower over a bath however then it is essential that not only functionality but also safety and practicality are carefully considered. With this in mind it is absolutely imperative to fit a bath screen or shower curtain in order to prevent excessive water from accumulating on the bathroom floor. This is not only an immediate slip hazard but can also cause damage to flooring or bath panels over time.

Whilst the shower curtain represents the traditional means of preventing over bath shower use from causing water build up in the room itself: it is far from the most attractive efficient or indeed cost effective over time. Although generally low priced: it is highly likely that shower curtains will have to be replaced relatively regularly; whether as a consequence of damage fading development of hazardous mould or simply due to a desire to change to a different design. Of equal importance for consideration is the fiddly installation of a shower curtain rail (not to mention their tendency to fall down at inconvenient moments) and the extent of their effectiveness whilst in use. If a shower curtain is draped on the outside of the bath then water will escape onto the floor and if it is drawn on the inside of the bath then it takes up showering space and becomes a nuisance. A high quality bath screen solves all of these issues and niggles.

At Bathshop321 we stock an extensive range of exceptional quality glass bath screens to suit even the most modest of budgets. Even our entry level bath screen boasts toughened safety glass a polished chrome frame and a flexible plastic seal to ensure a water tight seal. In addition to this the incredibly low priced screen looks considerably more substantial attractive and indeed stylish than any shower curtain: all for less than £40. Many people refer to bath screens as shower screens over bath screens or glass bath panels screens. We have what you are looking for.

Other bath screens within the Bathshop321 range offer the same rigorous adhesion to safety considerations alongside exciting style and function aspects. The Energy Sail Bath Screen for instance is aesthetically stunning and features integral glass shelves and a towel rail. Similarly the astoundingly low priced Aqualux 4 Fold Bath Screen utilises folding sections allowing for ease of access and easy fitting to any size of bath- not mention a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

If you would like to find out more about our selection of bath screens then our sales team are on hand from 9-5 Monday to Friday to offer expert advice assistance and technical specifications.