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Compact Baths

Saving space is essential in most bathroom suites today. So, wouldn’t it be simply perfect if you could still have a bathtub even though you can only offer a small bathroom space for it?

Here at Bathshop321 we offer a range of compact baths which are suitable for all types of bathroom spaces, so you can still enjoy the bliss of having a soak in a bathtub after a long, stressful day no matter how small your bathroom may be. Our selection of space saving baths allow you to make the absolute best of the space that you have, and just because they are smaller in size doesn’t mean they have to lack style. All of our small baths offer stunning designs, and would make your new tub the focal point in your bathroom suite.

Cascade Space Saving 1500mm Bath - buy now
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RRP £199 • SAVE £60!
RRP £175 • SAVE £50!
RRP £195 • SAVE £68!
RRP £195 • SAVE £56!
RRP £600 • SAVE £234.63!
RRP £2,111 • SAVE £0!
RRP £173 • SAVE £53!
RRP £173 • SAVE £53!
RRP £173 • SAVE £53!