Electric Showers

  • Supajet Electric Shower SJ100

    Supajet Electric Shower SJ100

    RRP: £249.20

    SALE PRICE: £174.98

  • Supajet Electric Shower SJ202

    Supajet Electric Shower SJ202

    RRP: £298.20

    SALE PRICE: £210.00

  • Home Of Ultra Chic 650 Slimline Shower

    Home Of Ultra Chic 650 Slimline Shower

    RRP: £420.00

    SALE PRICE: £315.00

Electric Showers

Electric showers have become increasingly popular due to their excellent quality and long life they provide. Electric shower units offer multiple benefits which some people prefer to have in their bathroom suites, 

The difference between an electric shower and a shower that works directly  from the gas supply , ie combi boilder , is that cold water is heated by the unit itself, instead of drawing hot water from the boiler. This means that this type of electric  shower is efficient in terms of heating the water as they only heat the water that is required,   Here at Bathshop321, we offer a range of electric shower units in different power settings so you can be sure to find the one most suited to your bathroom.