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Back to Wall Toilets

Tavistock Micra Back to Wall Toilet and Seat - buy now
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Back to Wall Toilets

Toilets have come on a great deal since their earliest incarnations. Although the pan shape and function has changed very little at first glance the design construction and mechanics have changed greatly over the decades. At Bathshop321 we stock all manner of toilets whether traditional or contemporary in style and all of these sanitary fixtures come with the same guarantee of exceptional quality and exceptional value.

One of the more modern forms of toilet stocked by bathshop321 is the back to wall toilet. Unlike more contemporary forms of toilet these units operate using a concealed cistern with only the toilet itself visible. Not only are these types of toilet generally more attractive and less intrusive but they also help to maximise the usable space in a bathroom as generally the cistern is contained within a sideboard/shelving storage unit. An additional benefit of the cistern being concealed is that the housing containing the cistern muffles the sound of the water refilling following a flush. Although this sound is rarely deafening it can be a little irritating particularly with older cisterns.

Back to wall toilets feature in a number of our great value bathroom suites particularly those which have been specifically designed for use in cloakroom suites or compact bathrooms. In addition to selling these modern sanitary units as part of our ensembles we also supply them as standalone pieces and even stock the components separately for those looking to replace improve or renovate a particular aspect of their bathroom suite. All in all back to wall toilets are great addition to many different styles of bathroom but particularly well suited to the more modern style of suite or in spaces where space is at a premium.

Our expansive far from expensive range of back to the wall toilets come in myriad shapes and sizes. From the conventional contours of our Tavistock Micra Back to Wall Toilet and Seat through to the contemporary cubic chic of the Tetragon Back to Wall Pan and Seat at Bathshop321 we strive to provide toilet solutions to fit the most niche of bathroom styles without charging over the odds for a unique design. Take a look through the selection of shapes and styles of back to wall toilets we offer and if you’d like any assistance in finding the ideal model for your needs then feel free to email or call our sales team.

Back to wall toilets and concealed cistern system toilets are at the forefront of modern bathroom fittings and equally suited to both home and commercial applications. Although we thrive on selling our products direct to the consumer for personal use at Bathshop321 our prices are in fact considerably lower than the majority of stockist for commercial use. If you would like to enquire about purchasing back to wall toilets or any other product/s for bar toilets restaurant bathrooms workplace restrooms or any other purpose then send us an email or give us a call to find out what we can do for you.