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Close Coupled Toilets

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Close Coupled Toilets

Toilets are no laughing matter when it comes to fitting a new bathroom suite and we’re certainly not one for toilet humour at Bathshop321. A ‘standard toilet’ is essentially any toilet which has a pedestal pan and visible cistern and which is designed to be installed on a straight wall as opposed to in a corner. Although many modern bathroom suites or space saving bathroom suites opt for concealed cistern back to wall or corner toilets there is definitely still a place in many modern bathrooms for a standard or more conventional toilet. Our huge selection ranges from basic incredibly low priced yet top quality standard toilets through to cubic futuristic angular units- incorporating numerous styles and sizes in-between.

 If you’re looking for a simple but attractive bargain toilet to replace an existing toilet or complete a new bathroom suite then the Galaxy toilet is ideal. For less than half of the recommended retail price you receive the pan cistern and toilet seat- unbeatable value for a ceramic toilet with a dual flush. Not only do we give you the option to upgrade to a soft close seat for a small supplement but given the design of the toilet is compatible with any standard toilet seat from any retailer. Those looking for the perfect toilet to complete a traditional themed bathroom are spoilt for choice with timeless yet elegant options such as the Legend Toilet and Seat and the New Hamilton Toilet and Seat.

At Bathshop321 although we love traditional bathroom suites we also have a passion for more contemporary and unique designs. Our range of modern styled standard toilets pays testament to this. From the incredible curved contours of the truly unique Dazzle Toilet and Seat through to the contemporary cubism of the Tetragon Toilet and Seat: we have sanitary ware which is not only functional but a futuristic eye-catching feature in its own right. 

All of the standard standalone toilets we sell at Bathshop321 come complete with everything you need including flush handle or buttons cistern pan and seat. At the upper end of the range we offer units which have been manufactured by the leading names in bathroom ceramics and do so at truly unbeatable prices. We are however so confident in the quality of all of our bathroom products that we advise that you go for the unit which you think would be most suitable for your bathroom rather than the most expensive you can afford. For help or advice picking the best standard toilet for your bathroom call our sales team drop them an email or interact in real-time using our new live online chat portal.

The toilet has come a long way since it was first devised and all of the standard toilets we stock feature up to the minute plumbing and technology to ensure quiet water-efficient flushing. Toilets tend to get a lot of use during their life; with Bathshop321 you can be sure that you’re choosing a toilet which won’t let you down.