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Concealed Cisterns

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Toilet Cisterns

Cisterns are rarely the most attractive fixture in a bathroom suite although it must be said: there is no understating how useful they are on a practical level! With the necessity of the cistern and their space stealing attributes in mind at Bathshop321 we stock a great number of concealed cistern toilets and separate concealed cistern units to allow you the benefits of a flushing toilet without having to feature a hulk of a toilet cistern in your otherwise chic bathroom.  

Concealed cistern toilet systems operate in much the same manner as more standard toilet cisterns except that they are often smaller and constructed from more lightweight materials. As they are designed to be concealed within a unit they are not particularly aesthetically pleasing but are equally as functional and effective as their more robust conventional counterparts. All of our concealed cistern toilets are easily accessed in the unlikely event that any maintenance is required and very simple to fit: in even the smallest of spaces. If you’re in the process of creating a new bathroom suite from scratch or heavily renovating an old one then creating a wall protrusion which also serves as a shelf and design feature is a great idea. Not only does this allow a different material to be used to add design flair to the room and create storage space but it can also be used to house a concealed cistern system to add some serious style to your bathroom.

With a choice of concealed cistern units which feature either dual button or more traditional handle flushes we stock units to fit the tone of any bathroom. Designed for use with back to wall toilets our concealed cisterns work tirelessly out of sight and require minimal assistance of attention. Back to wall toilets not only make maximum use of the space in your bathroom but also add a contemporary feel and are particularly good if you have inquisitive children prone to trying to find out what’s inside the cistern and causing a mess.

If a concealed cistern toilet is of interest to you then take a look at the units above which can be combined with any of our back to wall toilet pan fixtures or even with the vast majority of back to wall toilets available from other suppliers. Despite the incredibly low prices these hidden flush systems are of the highest possible quality and come with a full guarantee against defects or technical problems. If you’re having a little trouble working out which of the concealed cistern units is most suitable for your bathroom dimensions or existing sanitaryware then get in touch with our expert customer service team who are now not only available to help you by email and telephone but also using our new live chat portal.

Our concealed cistern systems come complete with the feeds and overflows necessary to ensure a quick and simple installation and connection to the other toilet components. So for an affordable easily integrated concealed cistern toilet to add extra style to your bathroom suite look no further than Bathshop321.