Corner Toilets

  • Galaxia Corner Cistern with Fittings

    Synergy Galaxia CC Pan with Corner Cistern, Fittings and Soft Close Seat

    RRP: £173.80

    SALE PRICE: £121.00

  • VitrA Layton Close Coupled Corner WC Toilet

    VitrA Layton Close Coupled Corner WC Toilet

    RRP: £307.01

    SALE PRICE: £141.80

Corner Toilets

For many looking to create a luxurious bathroom suite in their home there are a number of obstacles. Firstly there is the issue of cost. It can be very expensive to replace a dilapidated bathroom with a new chic bathroom and even more costly to convert unused space into a luxurious suite.

Having finally sourced the funds to create a new bathroom there is the issue of finding a trustworthy supplier who have an intimate knowledge of sanitary ware baths showers and all associated fixtures and fittings and who won’t overcharge for their expertise in providing the items needed. Finally there is the problem of using the available space in the best possible way without compromising on either aesthetics or functionality.