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Wall-hung Toilets

Tetragon Wall Hung Toilet with Seat - buy now
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Wall Hung Toilets

Back to wall toilets are a great way to integrate a toilet into a contemporary bathroom without detracting too much from the design features and focal points. At Bathshop321 we also have a range of toilets which are even less obtrusive: wall hung toilets. Our wall hung toilets are securely affixed to the wall and take up less space than any other type of toilet we sell. Suspended part way up the wall and with no floor contact whatsoever they are works of art in themselves.

Due to the nature of wall hung toilets it is strongly advised that all safety precautions are taken when they are fitted. The entire weight of the unit and anyone sat on the toilet is supported by the wall; as such they must be fitted very securely to the wall to avoid mishap. Used in conjunction with one of our industry leading concealed cisterns: these gravity defying sanitary ware items add an element of contemporary futuristic chic to any bathroom and leave the floor untouched. 

As well as stocking contemporary styled wall hung toilets such as the Tetragon Wall Hung Toilet with Seat at Bathshop321 we also offer more conventionally styled wall hung pans which fit in perfectly with more traditionally themed bathroom suites. If bought in tandem with one of our equally great value concealed cisterns: a wall hung toilet offers all the functionality of a standard toilet but with the extra design flair that we’re proud to offer at Bathshop321. 

As mentioned previously it is imperative that wall hung toilets are securely fitted to a sturdy wall which is capable of bearing weight. As such unless you have experience of bathroom fitting it may be advisable to opt for a professional bathroom installation expert if you’ve decided you would like to opt for a wall hung toilet. Not only does the wall have to be capable of safely holding the weight of the pan and a user but also have internal space for the concealed cistern: which can be a challenge for a part-time DIY enthusiast. By no means think that we’re trying to put you off: wall hung toilets are at the pinnacle of contemporary bathroom chic: we just don’t want you to risk damaging yourself or your new bathroom suite by overlooking any vital construction aspects. It is well worth the extra cost of bringing in a professional to have a wall hung toilet especially when you purchase the fixtures and fittings off Bathshop321 and save a small fortune in doing so! 

If you have any questions about the feasibility of fitting a wall hung toilet in your bathroom or any specific enquiries about the units we stock then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of in-house experts. During business hours our customer service and sales representatives are contactable over the phone or using our new online live chat interface. If you have any questions or concerns out of hours (or just generally prefer the medium) then all emails will be dealt with as soon as they are seen.