Bathroom Radios

  1. Bluetooth Speaker Shelf

    Speakers tend to take up a lot of storing space so combine the two with this smart sleek design innovative designed blue tooth speaker shelf.So easy to install and it’s a simple click to sync the shelf speakers to any Bluetooth device, i.e. your smart phone, laptop or tablet and enjoy this contemporary modern sleek sound system instantly.For use in any room and available in white or black matt finish this Bluetooth speaker shelf will become a focal point for playing your favorite music. Learn More

    RRP: £99.00

    SALE PRICE: £69.00

  2. KB Sound Basic Bathroom Radio

    The KB Basic radio is our entry level radio that’s hidden away in the ceiling, no wires, no clutter; it’s as easy to fit as a halogen light, takes around 30 minutes to fit and produces great sound and is the perfect remedy for a long soak in the bath after a challenging day and great to wake up to your favourite station in the morning, it’s the perfect start to the day. 

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    RRP: £145.00

    SALE PRICE: £89.00

  3. TechVision Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

    TechVision Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers

    The splash-proof Bluetooth ceiling speaker can easily be installed in the room of your choice, whether it be bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, so that you can simply connect your Bluetooth device and listen to your favorite stored music.

    It is easily controlled using your Bluetooth device, to select playlist and adjust volume etc. Whilst you can connect multiple devices to this speaker, the speaker will only be recognized by one devise at a time, to avoid confliction.

    They are the perfect modern addition to any home!

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    RRP: £152.00

    SALE PRICE: £92.00

  4. KB Sound Premium Bathroom Radio

    The KB Sound Premium Bathroom Radio can be placed anywhere in your home. The radio has multiple features which are guaranteed to impress. Learn More

    RRP: £395.00

    SALE PRICE: £195.00

  5. Hudson Reed Corona LED Motion Sensor Mirror with de-mister pad, bluetooth & speakers H800 x W600 x D85 mm - LQ060

    Fitted with Bluetooth technology and stereo speakers it’s easy to connect your mobile phone or mp 3 player. This simple and stunning mirror comes fitted with 24 leds.The Corona mirror from Hudson Reed is easy to install and comes with a motion sensor to switch it on and off at the bottom of the mirror,a de-mister pad and is backed with a 12 month guarantee. Learn More

    RRP: £512.00

    SALE PRICE: £261.00

  6. KB Sound Audio Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

    A mirror crammed full of modern musical features to keep you rocking while in the bathroom. Learn More

    RRP: £488.00

    SALE PRICE: £349.00

Bathroom Radios

Bathroom Radios

A simple solution, but very well thought out and executed. The idea behind a bathroom radio is to prevent you from using a standard radio or even mobile phone to provide you with music; as these can become water damaged by steam very quickly. These bathroom radios are completely waterproof, so can keep you entertained whilst you listen to your favourite song and relax in your new bath or shower suite.

At Bathshop321, we believe that dancing along to your favourite song whilst preparing for the day ahead is more than enough to completely brighten up your mood. So - whether you relax to RB, shower to the sounds of Pop or bathe to the Blues; you can be sure to add the ideal futuristic touch to your new suite with one of our bathroom dab shower radios.

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