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Trojan Orlando 1500 x 1000 Offset Corner Bath

RRP: £352.00

SALE PRICE: £232.00

Product Code: 2675



The Trojan Orlando Offset Corner Bath is perfect for modern homes looking for a twist on a regular bath tub. It also could be perfect for space-conscious bathrooms. Made from 5mm thick acrylic and comes with a 25 year guarantee, this bath is the ideal choice for a contemporary feel to your bathroom.

Main Features

  • Both Hands Available
  • Integrated Seat
  • 5 Year Guarantee

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RRP: £352.00

SALE PRICE: £232.00


Trojan Orlando Offset Corner Bath

This offset corner bath is available in either a left or right hand design perfect for installation in any bathroom. The bath shown above is the left handed version.

This bath is ideal for the compact, modern style bathrooms. It would also fit perfectly into a family home as the integrated seat is perfect for bathing small children.

  • The main image is a left hand bath. 

Further Details:

1500mm x 1000mm Offset Corner Bath

Standard Acrylic

Integral Seat

Manufactured By Trojan Baths

25 Year Guarantee

Comes Complete With A Dedicated Bath Panel And Is Constructed Using 5mm Thick Acrylic

Why Buy A Whirlpool Bath?:

Whirlpool baths add a new level of luxury to bathing.

After a long, hard and stressful day there is nothing quite as relaxing as slipping into a whirlpool and letting the warm water jets massage away the aches and strains.

Whirlpools are also said to have health benefits as well. They stimulate circulation without increasing your heart rate, so there is an improvement in skin tone and a reduction of stress hormones in the blood system during and after taking a whirlpool bath.

Heat and the movement of water in a whirlpool bath are the key to relaxing muscles and increasing blood flow. How they do this is in an ordinary bath the still water creates a film around the body that reduces the body temperature. The movement of a whirlpool disturbs this film allowing the immediate transfer of heat to the body which has a sedative effect on nerve endings, reducing pain and discomfort.

The buoyancy of the water supports your body, relieving the pressure and allowing more movement for your muscles and joints. The lack of gravitational pull on your body in the water means that the jet pressure is more effective on all areas of your body, helping to release endorphins, the same feel-good chemicals released during exercise, massage or acupuncture.

 The whirlpool system comes with the jets pre-fitted to the bath for you, by us.

Whirlpool System Features:


  • Powerful 0.75 horse power pump
  • Maximum power resulting in maximum enjoyment for you.
  • Powerful chrome body jets
  • Many whirlpools now have larger cheaper jets which reduces how powerful the whirlpool feels as the water from the jet is dispersed over a wider area. With their narrow outlet these jets feel powerful for maximum enjoyment.
  • Chrome on / off switch
  • Simply push the button to begin feeling the benefits of the whirlpool system.
  • Chrome air switch for controlling water turbulance
  •  Simply rotate the dial for increased/decreased flow rate from the jet system for maximum enjoyment.
  • Removable jet covers for easy cleaning
  •  The jets easily unscrew to allow easy cleaning around and underneath them.
  • Self draining jets and pipe work

 This is the most important feature of any whirlpool bath, cheaper whirlpool baths have pipe systems which are almost like hose pipes; this results in a lag in the pipes surrounding the bath, where water can settle and go stagnant and stale resulting in unpleasant smells and also in mould being ejected from the jets if they are not used for a significant period of time. You will have none of these concerns with this bath as the pipes are solid and rigid and completely self drain.

Additional Information

Technical Information
  • Available in Left and Right Hand
  • Offset Corner Design
  • Manufactured by Trojan
  • Complete with Dedicated Bath Panel
  • Standard Acrylic
  • Integral Seat


  • Length: 1500mm
  • Width: 1000mm
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