Shower Pumps

  1. Salamander CT55 XTRA Regenerative Single Pump

    An innovative range of single outlet pumps. Designed to boost supplies to the bathroom and the rest of the house, these pumps will increase flow to any tank fed appliances Supplied with AV couplers. The Salamander CT55 Xtra Regenerative Single Pump is currently available at an extremely low price. There really is no pump available on the market that can match the price and quality of the Salamander CT55 Xtra Regenerative Single Pump.

    If you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to call our bathroom experts on 0845 619 6719.

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    RRP: £179.99

    SALE PRICE: £94.00

  2. Salamander CT50 XTRA Regenerative Twin Pumps

    Performance Requirements 

    -Quiet Performance
    -Closed Head Pressure : 50ft Head (1.6 bar)
    -Max amps/watts : 2.0 amps/480 watts
    -Typical Decibel Rating : 65dB
    -Shower Head : Conventional Spray  

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    RRP: £162.25

    SALE PRICE: £146.02

  3. Salamander CT75 XTRA Regenerative Twin Pumps

    Performance Requirements

    -Quiet Performance
    -Closed Head Pressure : 75ft head (2.1 bar)
    -Max amps/watts: 2.1 amps/500 watts
    -Typical Decibel rating : 65.1dB
    -Shower Head : Watercan/Conventional Spray/Multi-function Massage-Champagne spray 

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    RRP: £212.25

    SALE PRICE: £193.72

  4. Salamander RGP Centrifugal Single Pumps Range

    Performance Requirements

    - Quiet Performance 
    - Closed Head Pressure : 43ft head (1.3bar)  OR  80ft head (2.4 bar)  OR  115ft head (3.6 bar)
    - Max amps/watts: 2.0 amps/480 watts  OR  2.4amps/580 watts  OR  2.7amps/650 watts
    - Typical Decibel Rating: 55dB  OR  58dB 
    - Shower Head: Conventional Spray/ watercan/ multi-function massage -champagne spray / 3 bar shower heads / body sprays

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    RRP: £227.00

    SALE PRICE: £204.30

  5. Salamander RSP Centrifugal Twin Pumps Range

    Performance Requirements

    -Quiet performance.
    -Closed Head Pressure : 50ft head (1.5 bar)  OR  75ft head (2.2 bar)  OR  100ft head (3.0 bar)
    -Max amps/watts : 1.8amps/430 watts  OR  3.2 amps/720 watts  OR  4.0 amps/960 watts 
    -Typical Decibel Rating : 54 dB  OR  55.4dB  OR  57.6dB
    -Shower Head : Watercan / conventional spray / Multi-function massage - Champagne spray / 3 bar shower heads / body sprays 

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    RRP: £240.00

    SALE PRICE: £216.00

  6. Salamander CTForce Twin Positive Pumps Range

    A new range of brass ended 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 bar pumps ideal for boosting shower performance to a wide range of applications, including body jets, showers with large shower heads, combination boilers, bathrooms, basins and dishwashers. All of the brass ended range have continuously rated motors, new solid state switching on the pump for outstanding reliability and solid brass, Salamander branded end caps and isolating couplers.

    This pump comes with a 3 year warranty that can be extended to 5 years when the Salamander Pump Wise Scheme is activated. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our friendly bathroom experts on 0845 619 6719.

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    RRP: £375.00

    SALE PRICE: £259.00

  7. Grundfos Amazon Heavy Duty Shower Pumps

    The Brass Pump range is undoubtedly the Learn More

    RRP: £361.00

    SALE PRICE: £361.00

Shower Pumps

Shower Pumps are essential if you are looking to install a power shower. These shower pumps are specially designed to achieve paramount water flow for your power shower. At Bathshop321, we present several different shower pumps, each with different purposes and different voltage levels. Shower pumps require specific water systems, so be sure to research which kind of pump is needed for your shower before purchasing. You can call and talk to our experts about shower pumps; we will try our best to help you choose the ideal one for your system.

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