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Bathroom Electronics

Bathroom Electronics & Gadgets

Technology is consistently evolving and improving to such an extent that electrical devices and an array of gadgets and gizmos are increasingly impacting upon all aspects of our lives. The bathroom has by no means escaped this digital renaissance and despite the catastrophic consequences of electricity coming into contact with water: there are an ever increasing range of exciting (and 100% safe) electronic bathroom devices available to enrich any size shape or style of bathroom suite.

Here at Bathshop321 we proudly offer all manner of cutting edge designs styles and materials across our entire range of bathroom products and as such it should come as no surprise that we also offer great deals on a varied selection of bathroom electronics: from the frivolous to the essential- it’s all here in our Bathroom Electronics section. For ease of browsing we have 4 different categories within this section (at least until we come across another piece of electrical bathroom wizardry and have to create a new one). Here’s a brief explanation of what you can expect to find within these categories:

Bathroom Extractor Fans- In order to prevent damp or indeed the creation of a fog of steam within the bathroom extractor fans are an absolute necessity in any bathroom. In addition to extracting steam when showering they are also an effective means of minimising lingering toilet odour. Here at Bathshop321 we offer a number of incredibly low priced bathroom extraction solutions to suit different bathrooms and lifestyles. From the quiet and powerful Standard Extractor Fan through  to the cutting edge Showelite Extractor fan; you can be sure to avoid lingering smells and excess moisture by fitting one of the numerous extractors we stock.

Bathroom Lighting - Electric lighting is undeniably vital in the modern bathroom and with our selection of bathroom safe light fittings and fixtures you’re sure to find an item which not only looks the part but offers quality safety and value in abundance.

Bathroom Radios - Although singing in the shower is something of a traditional pastime many of us prefer to enjoy renditions from the professionals when getting ready for work or soaking in the bath tub. If you are a music lover then the bathroom radio systems we offer are sure to appeal. Featuring wireless specially manufactured speakers which can be fitted into the ceiling and remote control operation – these virtually invisible systems offer great quality sound and are totally safe to operate in the bathroom.

Bathroom TVs - With TVs now commonplace in the living room bedroom and kitchen there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one in your bathroom! Take a look at our bathroom television options if you don’t want to miss your soaps whilst having a bubble bath.

To find out more about any of our bathroom electronics or other bathroom items simply get in touch with our in-house sales team. On hand from 9-5 Monday to Friday our bathroom experts can be contacted by telephone email or using our online live chat system.