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Bathroom Tiling Ideas

Bathroom tiling can transform a plain bathroom into an incredible one! Gone are the days of plain white walls; 2017 is the year of maximizing natural beauty. Think brown and green palettes, with use of slate and stone textures to bring the outdoors indoors. If you’re thinking of re-tiling your bathroom, make sure to give our showroom in […]

Gym Goers: Freshening Up After Exercise

  So, you’re just about to cool down after an intensive work out session and your eyes meet the clock. You think to yourself “where has the time gone?” and now all you’re thinking about is how to you’re going to juggle things like getting back to the office, running errands or picking up the […]

brown bathroom ideas

Brown Is The New Black! Brown Bathroom Ideas For The Modern Family Home

Warm tones of brown, beige and orange are very much the trend for 2017, contrasting from the stark, cold colours of grey and black that were popular last year. Thankfully, you can update your bathroom to reflect this change without breaking the bank! Bathshop321 prides itself on providing affordable, on-trend bathroom furniture for normal British families, […]

Are you are a bath or shower person?

The bath versus shower war has raged on for too long. It’s time we hear out both sides and settle this once and for all.   Shower people Shower people are practically geniuses.   Bold statement, huh? Hear us out. You’re in the shower, scrubbing your skin in a bid to leave that little bit […]

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Best Bathroom Brands: How To Save Money By Switching Brands!

Looking to save money on items from the best bathroom brands? You might be surprised to learn that there isn’t actually a huge amount of difference between the build quality and materials used in the brands that we perceive as ‘premium’ and those we think of as less so. Sometimes the only real difference is the price! […]

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New Bathroom Units: Stylish Collections From Tavistock For 2017

We are happy to introduce our new bathroom units from Tavistock Bathrooms, a fantastic brand renowned for high quality, sturdy bathroom products. Here are just a few of our favourite new ranges for 2017 which are available from with around 30% off the RRP! Array The Array Collection is an ultra-contemporary range of wooden bathroom […]

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childproofing your bathroom

Childproofing Your Bathroom

Childproofing your home is a time-consuming, yet essential, part of parenthood to ensure that children do not accidentally cause harm to themselves using regular household items. Here, we let you know of the main safety risks you should look out for in your bathrooms and how to avoid them. Clean Regularly To Prevent Nasty Mould and […]