Building a Wetroom on a Budget

How to Plan and Build a Wetroom on a Budget

Wet rooms are becoming one of the most desired features in UK households. They are perfect for any contemporary interior, yet people may think that they require skilled design and ...

Is a Japanese luxury toilet really worthwhile?

Is a “Luxury” Toilet Good Value?

We read with interest yesterday how a luxury Japanese toilet was found to have security flaws, which could lead to pranksters logging into other people’s systems and causing havoc. This ...

Stunning celebrity bathrooms from 30 of the rich and famous

30 Celebrity Bathrooms (Pics): Inside Celebrity Homes

If money was no object, what would you do to add a little creative flair to your home? Here we take a peek into the homes of the rich and ...

P Shape Baths VS Straight Baths

P Shaped Baths Vs. Straight Baths

Baths are truly awesome things; nothing can quite quell the dull ache of over-worked muscles or the weight of a stressful day like a well-earned soak in your very own bathtub. For those who regularly treat themselves to a relaxing session in the bath, it’s well worth investing in a quality tub that not only […]

Roberto Cavalli

Bathshop321 Now Stocking Designer Roberto Cavalli Tiles

That’s right, you heard it here first; Bathshop321 are now displaying some of the most stylish and luxurious tiles on the market! At our brand new Manchester Deansgate bathroom showroom we are now displaying a fantastic range of tiles designed by design and fashion master Roberto Cavalli, as well as soon to be selling them […]

ladybridge feature

Bathshop321 now proud sponsors of Ladybridge Football Club

We’ve done it again! At Bathshop321 headquarters we decided to put our name to another fantastic local sports team to help them keep the sporting spirit alive and put some extra spring in their step! This time we decided to sponsor the local Ladybridge Football Club, putting our name on the shirts of their 1st […]

Enfield club Feature image

Bathshop321 become official sponsors of Enfield Cricket Club

We are thrilled to announce that we are now official sponsors of the Enfield Cricket Club, home to some of the area’s most talented cricket teams. As you know at Bathshop321 we love to sponsor local teams and sites that do wonders for the community, and Enfield Cricket Club does just that! That’s why we […]

Bathshop321 Now Authorised Dealers of Stunning Grohe Products

We are thrilled to announce that we are now a fully authorised dealer of Grohe bathroom fixtures! Grohe are widely regarded as one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of stylish bathroom fixtures. Designing and creating luxurious modern pieces for both bathrooms and kitchens, Grohe are a well established manufacturer who value quality, technology, design […]

The new showroom opens on Monday 16th June

The Opening of the Bathshop321Deansgate Showroom is almost here!

Hurrah! The coming Monday 16th of June will mark the opening of the new Bathshop321 showroom located in the centre of Manchester on Deansgate! Our new showroom will be packed full of extraordinary bathroom suite stalls, showcasing our superb range of modern and classic bathroom fixtures and furnishings. There you will find fantastic deals and […]

Tavistock Bathroom Cabinets – Style and Quality made Affordable!

At Bathshop321 it is vitally important to us that we stock only the best in modern, quality bathrooms. While with many other bathroom stores you may find that great quality and style may come with a hefty price tag, or a bathroom that is available for a lesser cost comes at the expense of quality […]

Indulge In your Bathroom with a Large Shower Bath

The bathroom is one of the few rooms of the house that is able to offer us a truly calming, soothing experience. For many people, nothing washes away the stress of a long day quite like the feeling that comes from putting on your favourite music and taking a long soak or shower. For many […]

Give your Bathroom Something Special with a Spacious P Shaped Shower Bath

It’s no secret that our range of P Shaped Shower Baths are by far some of our best sellers here at Bathshop321, and it takes only a quick glance at our delightful selection of stylish P Shaped Shower Bath models to see why! That;s because nothing combines style, quality, spaciousness and versatility quite like these […]

Creating a Safe, Comfortable Bathroom Environment with a Doc M Bathroom Support Pack

For those with mobility issues or disabilities, safely navigating or using different fixtures in the bathroom can be a little more challenging. With so many potential hazards around the room, adding additional features to the bathroom that help the user gain extra stability and grip is a great way to simplify the use of each […]