Building a Wetroom on a Budget

How to Plan and Build a Wetroom on a Budget

Wet rooms are becoming one of the most desired features in UK households. They are perfect for any contemporary interior, yet people may think that they require skilled design and ...

Is a Japanese luxury toilet really worthwhile?

Is a “Luxury” Toilet Good Value?

We read with interest yesterday how a luxury Japanese toilet was found to have security flaws, which could lead to pranksters logging into other people’s systems and causing havoc. This ...

Stunning celebrity bathrooms from 30 of the rich and famous

30 Celebrity Bathrooms (Pics): Inside Celebrity Homes

If money was no object, what would you do to add a little creative flair to your home? Here we take a peek into the homes of the rich and ...

Introducing The Supajet SJ100 and SJ202

Always wanting to be at the cutting edge of the bathroom industry we like to add new and exciting products whenever we can so that we always have a nice offering for our visitors. With that said we have just added two new products to the site in the form of the Supajet SJ100 and […]

How to choose the right shower pump

Many houses in the UK now have combination boilers vastly negating the need for a shower pump, however if your house features a gravity-fed system with a traditional hot water cylinder then you will probably require a shower pump when upgrading your bathroom. The new demands of water flow to power larger shower heads and […]

Keep your bathroom looking stylish in 2014!

The Bathroom Design Guide – Baths

Staying up to date with interior design trends can be a tricky business; it’s easy to get lost in colour charts and worry too much about accessorising! While it’s great to keep these things in mind (as they can certainly help bring a dash of life to your home), it’s important to remember that these […]

There are some strict bathroom rules this year at the Sochi games!

Strict Bathroom Rules at the Sochi Games!

It looks like participants in the Sochi Games will have to keep their bathroom antics to a minimum after Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant posted an image from his hotel room’s bathroom that prohibits a number of toilet-based activities. The sign, which illustrates a number of bathroom do’s and don’ts ensures participants will have to follow […]

Beat the morning rush with a clear and tidy bathroom!

Beat the Morning Rush with a Stylish and Efficient Bathroom!

It’s fair to say that for many people, the first hour of their day is the most hectic. From the moment you slam a hand down on the alarm clock to the second you leave the house, your morning routine can give you a great start to your day, or increase your stress levels before […]

Turn your bathroom into a lover's paradise with Bathshop321!

Make Every Day Valentine’s Day In Your Bathroom!

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Romance? Luxury and relaxation? Feeling all warm and fuzzy with the partner of your dreams? At Bathshop321, we don’t think experiences such as these should be solely reserved for just one day; we believe luxury and relaxation should be available to you every day in the comfort of […]

incorporate the Cubit Square Toilet and Basin Set into your home and create a bathroom you’ll never want to leave!

The Bathshop321 Product of the Month – Cubit Square Toilet and Basin Set

With a new year come new revelations in style and design. Already 2014 has brought some new and interesting trends into the world of interior design and decor.  Luckily, creating a cutting-edge contemporary bathroom has never been as easy as it is with this stylish Cubit Square Toilet and Basin Set. The contemporary toilet and […]

Beware the Bathshop321 gorilla!

See the Bathshop321 Gorilla go Ape!

As you may know, January 14th was ‘National Organise Your Home Day’, and at Bathshop321 we figured we’d put together a short and useful video showing just how easy it can be to tidy up that bathroom clutter using one of our modern mirrored cabinets. Everything was running smoothly; our leading man Mark was organising […]

Save hours on paperwork with YourTradeBase

Bathshop321 Slash Hours Spent of Paperwork with YourTradeBase!

It’s fair to say that at Bathshop321, we get through plenty of paperwork every day. We know more than most just how much time and effort tasks such as invoicing, quoting and estimating can take, leaving much less time left over for other tasks. Luckily we sometimes get tips and suggestions from others on new […]

Save a Ton on Baths for National Bubble Bath Day

Bathshop321 would like to wish you a very happy National Bubble Bath Day! What’s that? You have no idea what we’re talking about? Then allow us to elaborate! National Bubble Bath Day is a celebration of one of the best ways to relax, relieve stress and get squeaky clean: enjoying a luxurious soak in a […]