small bathroom

Small Bathroom Designs

For many, a small bathroom poses a bit of a challenge. Some lateral thinking and intelligent design is required to make the most of a smaller space – especially if you want it to contain every essential bathroom component with enough room to breathe and move around in between them. At Bathshop321, we’ve got plenty of […]

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Modern Bathroom Ideas

A modern bathroom is a real asset to any home. Slick, stylish contemporary designs are timeless and clean – ideal for day to day living yet versatile and inoffensive enough to be advantageous should you wish to sell up and move on at any point. Modern might seem like a simple theme, but in actual […]


Family bathroom ideas

Family bathrooms can be tricky – because whilst on the face of it, you’re designing for practicality and functionality, in reality everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to the style and look of the bathroom. In addition, ‘functionality’ is hard to define in a family situation – because across a wide range of […]


Prevent water wastage with Nova Flo

Made in UK, Nova Flo’s uniquely intelligent Shut-Off Unit has been innovatively designed to offer a sound solution and complete peace of mind to anyone wishing to prevent water wastage through taps left running and flood damage caused by baths and faucets overflowing. If you have ever been unlucky enough to be affected by flooding […]

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100 Awesome Things To Do In The Bathroom

Every now and again we like to do something a little fun here at Bathshop321. This time we sat down with the team and discussed what awesome things could be done in the bathroom. After a lengthy conversation, few laughs and a lot of coffee we managed to come up with 100 different things that […]


Tune in to what Dad really wants this Father’s Day

Dads can be notoriously difficult to buy for – so when Father’s Day comes around, it’s easy to plump for the ‘beer and socks’ combo. But how about giving him a nifty gadget you know he’ll use and love (possibly several times a day?) Allow us to introduce the Bluetooth Speaker Shelf. Smart in more […]

Reinforced Baths

A Closer Look: Reinforced Baths

At Bathshop321 we specialise in crafting baths to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from deep spacious bathtubs to space-efficient tubs ideal for smaller bathrooms. Our rage is able to meet almost any need and includes baths covering a huge range of manufacturing materials and design styles. We often receive a lot […]

Mothers day is nea!

5 Fantastic Mother’s Day Ideas!

  Heads up kids! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while many people leave planning a Mother’s Day gift or gesture to the very last moment (often settling for a last-minute bouquet of flowers from the local petrol station!) there is much to be said for planning a little in advance and preparing […]

Valentines day is coming soon!

Attention All Romancers!

We are thrilled to announce the availability of a stunning new addition to the Bathshop321 product range – The ‘Valentine’ heart-shaped bath tub! This deep, spacious and luxurious bath is made to order and can comfortably fit two loved-up bathers, perfect for a special Valentines Day and enjoying a long bath together throughout the year. […]


What is a Bidet?

There are many deep and complex questions and mysteries that mankind has pondered for centuries: What is the meaning of life? Are we alone in the universe? What exactly is a bidet? Well, while we can’t answer many of life’s perplexing mysteries, we are well-qualified to answer the last question from the list above. We […]