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  1. Are P Shape Baths Any Good?

    Are P Shape Baths Any Good? Are you having trouble deciding whether to install a shower or a bath? There is no need to be concerned: even if your bathroom does not have enough space for both a bath and an enclosed shower, you do not need to miss out on either. There is a solution: the P Shaped bath. What is a P-shaped bath? A P Shaped bath is an increasingly popular Read more...
  2. You May Not Be Replacing Items In Your Bathroom Regularly Enough... 

    You May Not Be Replacing Items In Your Bathroom Regularly Enough... 

    Bathrooms are supposed to be a haven of cleanliness. Somewhere to relax, refresh and renew. The last thing you want is to think of the bathroom to be the area that hosts hidden grime and bacteria! 

  3. A Super Short Guide For A ‘Bathroom Glow Up’

    With Spring just around the corner and freedom (from lockdown) right at our fingertips, you’re probably feeling like a change is needed. But who wants to splash out all that money on a whole new room? There’s no need to go full ‘DIY SOS’ to create a fresh feel in your space. 2020 was a tough year, so cut yourself some slack in 2021, and Read more...
  4. Bathroom Trends to Inspire Your Lockdown 3.0 Projects!

    It’s a new year, but with a lot of the same restrictions from 2020 still holding us back - why not give your home some TLC!? We know home and interior trends come and go and you always want to keep your home looking stylish and the bathroom is definitely no exception. After all, you’re in there every day! Whether it’s jumping in the shower Read more...
  5. Congratulations Hockey for Heroes

    Hockey for Heroes recently travelled to the Himalayas aiming to set a world record for the Highest game of Hockey played. This challenge was called “Operation Olympus” and the goal was to raise funds and awareness for Help for Heroes. It was a resounding success. At 5130m, Hockey for Heroes have achieved their goal and claimed the Read more...
  6. How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

    How to Choose the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

    A bathroom mirror is an imperative part of our daily grooming routines. When you’re next on YouTube search “getting ready without a mirror” and you will suddenly realise their often-overlooked importance. Because they are so necessary for us, it is vital that you choose a mirror well-suited to you and your bathroom. But, choosing a mirror for your bathroom seems like a simple enough task, right? When you think about lighting, humidity, space, it can end up being quite tricky to choose. In today’s article, we will be discussing everything you will need to know when selecting your bathroom mirror. 

  7. How to create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

    How to create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

    Many of us are very aware of the push towards making our homes eco-friendly. There have been many campaigns driven towards eco-friendly living – including solar panel schemes that have been rolled out across the UK. In addition to this, on new-builds double pane windows are used to help reduce energy consumption. And the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle” is taught in many schools.  

  8. Bathroom Tile Inspiration

    Bathroom Tile Inspiration

    There is a reason why tiles are one of the most popular ways to decorate a bathroom. Not only are they waterproof, but they are also a fantastic way to renew your bathroom decor without spending copious amounts of money. In today’s article, we will be talking about our top picks based on trends and what our customers have been loving.  


  9. How to Tile a Bathroom

    How to Tile a Bathroom

    Tiling a bathroom can be quite a tricky process. Professionals can charge a significant amount of money for good tiling work, and if you’re pushed for time and need a high-quality finish, this can be money well spent. However, if you’re looking to save money then it’s well worth considering taking on the tiling as a DIY project. 


  10. Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

    Space Saving Bathroom Ideas

    Deciding on a colour scheme isn’t as easy as it sounds. Colour helps to create a mood in your bathroom. Having said that, choosing the correct colours in a smaller bathroom requires quite a bit of thought.  



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