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  1. A Guide To Bathroom Heating

    A Guide To Bathroom Heating

    Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the great need for heating in our homes. Bathrooms are one of the oddest rooms in our homes: the humidity, smallness and average time spent in there makes it somewhat difficult to regulate temperature all year round, unlike in other rooms. Thankfully there are a number of bathroom heating options you can opt for to make sure you’re getting the most efficient, cost-effective and good looking solution for your home.


  2. Affordable Bathroom Mobility Aids

    Affordable Bathroom Mobility Aids

    We like to think of the bathroom as a comforting place, where we can wash the troubles of the day away to emerge refreshed and relaxed. For a lot of people however the bathroom can pose a lot of problems that most of us wouldn’t even think about. If you have mobility issues, such as a bad back, a physical disability or are simply just reaching that unfortunate age where you might need some assistance, then something as simple as getting in and out of the bath can be a bit of a struggle. However some clever bathroom manufacturers have designed a massive range of bathroom mobility aids to help people who need it – but this usually comes with a huge price tag.


  3. A Guide To Maximising Space In Your Small Bathroom

    A Guide To Maximising Space In Your Small Bathroom

    When it comes to designing a new bathroom, the first thing that most people do is go online and look at the bathroom suites on bathroom retailer’s websites for inspiration. But how can you recreate those looks in your own home? The beautifully mocked up rooms, with pristine white furniture, glossy tiling and large windows are designed to attract you to the items on show, but what most people forget is that they do not have the same sized bathroom as those in the photos! So when we place the same products in a small bathroom, space can often be a problem.


  4. Why Choose A Whirlpool Bath?

    Why Choose A Whirlpool Bath?

    Whirlpool baths just sound exciting, never mind what it feels like to actually use one! They add a new level of luxury to bathing, and after a long and stressful day there is nothing quite as relaxing as slipping into a whirlpool bath and letting the warm water jets massage away your aches and strains. Most of us only ever experience whirlpool baths when we are staying at a posh hotel, or maybe relaxing on a spa day at a country retreat. But now you have the opportunity to install a whirlpool bath in your own home, and for a great price. Here at Bathshop321 we always give you the best prices on all our range of bathroom products – which include whirlpool baths which we can now offer you from as little as £289!


  5. Small Bathroom Designs

    Small Bathroom Designs

    For many, a small bathroom poses a bit of a challenge. Some lateral thinking and intelligent design is required to make the most of a smaller space – especially if you want it to contain every essential bathroom component with enough room to breathe and move around in between them. At Bathshop321, we’ve got plenty of experience in helping our customers to make the most out of their spaces by providing them with clever gadgets and innovatively designed fixtures – so if you’re struggling for inspiration, why not take a look at our pick of small bathroom ideas below, easily transforming a tricky space to achieve bathroom bliss?


  6. Modern Bathroom Ideas

    Modern Bathroom Ideas

    A modern bathroom is a real asset to any home. Slick, stylish contemporary designs are timeless and clean – ideal for day to day living yet versatile and inoffensive enough to be advantageous should you wish to sell up and move on at any point.


  7. Family bathroom ideas

    Family bathroom ideas

    Family bathrooms can be tricky – because whilst on the face of it, you’re designing for practicality and functionality, in reality everyone has likes and dislikes when it comes to the style and look of the bathroom. In addition, ‘functionality’ is hard to define in a family situation – because across a wide range of age groups, each individual will have a different idea of what they want a bathroom to be and what they want to get out of it. 

  8. Prevent water wastage with Nova Flo

    Prevent water wastage with Nova Flo

    Made in UK, Nova Flo’s uniquely intelligent Shut-Off Unit has been innovatively designed to offer a sound solution and complete peace of mind to anyone wishing to prevent water wastage through taps left running and flood damage caused by baths and faucets overflowing.


  9. How to choose the right shower pump

    How to choose the right shower pump

    Many houses in the UK now have combination boilers vastly negating the need for a shower pump, however if your house features a gravity-fed system with a traditional hot water cylinder then you will probably require a shower pump when upgrading your bathroom. The new demands of water flow to power larger shower heads and designer taps would put serious strain on a gravity-fed system without an extra pump.


  10. 22nd December – VBS Plumbing Nottingham

    VBS Plumbing are available for plumbing, boiler breakdowns, servicing and repairs and also Landlord Gas Safety Checks around in Nottingham and surrounding areas. You can find pricing information on the VBS website, as well as information about special offers while they last!



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