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Can You Have A Freestanding Tub In A Small Bathroom

Can You Have A Freestanding Tub In A Small Bathroom

Can You Have A Freestanding Tub In A Small Bathroom

Freestanding baths are a fantastic addition to any bathroom. They are stylish, add a luxurious feel to the space and are generally a fantastic investment. It’s true to say that freestanding baths have their pros and cons just like built-in baths. One of the things that you might be worried about is the amount of space in your bathroom. A lot of people are concerned that the size of their bathroom will stop them from having the bath that they want. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the facts surrounding this, and showing you whether or not a freestanding bath will fit in your bathroom. Keep reading if you would like to find out more.

Design It Yourself

One of the best parts about freestanding baths is that you can buy them already made, or you can have them made to order. There are so many different design options, and when you work with a professional, this will only further enhance the tub that you are trying to create. Think about all of the different elements that you require for your bath, and then work out the best option for you.

If you only have limited space, you can get freestanding tubs that are narrow to fit in the available space. However, if you want something that is a little bigger without it taking up the whole bathroom, speak to a professional and think about moving around your bathroom to make the space available.

Again, it’s up to you what kind of tub you like. There are a range of different shapes of tubs that are already made to make the most of whatever bathroom they are placed in. For example, there is the claw-foot tub and the egg shaped tub, both of which would look stunning in any kind of bathroom. 

Does It Make Sense?

Think about the space that you have in your bathroom and think about where you would like to place the tub. If the only available space is by a wall, this doesn’t mean that you have to have a built-in tub like some people assume. You can still have a freestanding tub that is next to a wall, even though it is slightly less common to see. 

It all depends on what you think about the design of the bathroom that you currently have. If you are happy to move things around to accommodate the freestanding tub that you want, then there is no issue here. If you don’t want to rearrange the bathroom though and you like it the way that it is, then you are going to have to work around this. This might mean that you need a built-in tub and it might not.

Is It Possible?

The simple answer is that it is. It is possible to have a freestanding bath in a small bathroom. Other than space, the thing that you need to be aware of most is the fact that you are going to need a strong floor. Typically, because of the weight of the bath, you are going to need reinforced flooring in your bathroom to make a freestanding tub an option. Without this type of flooring, you may find that the weight of the bath damages the floor, potentially causing a disaster somewhere down the line.

You are going to need to measure your bathroom though so that you know how big the tub can be at maximum. Then, you can measure a few different times and see what the best option is. Work out what you think are the best measurements for your bathrooms, and then start looking at freestanding tubs that match this. Once you have got the size sorted, you can start looking at other factors such as material, price, depth etc. 

Keep in mind here that the installation process is a lot easier as well as there is no need to try and fix anything to a structure for support. If you know that you are someone who likes to change things around a lot, this is certainly the best choice for you.

Talk To An Expert

If you are looking to get a freestanding bath in your bathroom but you are worried about the amount of space available, talk to an expert as soon as you can. We can provide you with the advice that you need to help you make the best decision possible, making use of all the space available. Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more about our freestanding baths and all the options that we have available.