How to Choose the Perfect Basin for your Bathroom

All homeowners would agree that a basin sink is a bathroom essential, however, a sink can also be a standout piece in your bathroom design. There are so many options including Wall-hung, countertop, pedestal and more. How do you choose which will suit your bathroom design? In this article, we are providing all the information that you will need to find the perfect basin for your bathroom. Our guide will contain a range of bathroom sink units that will suit a variety of spaces as well as a range of budgets.

As there are so many types of bathroom basin, we have created a jargon buster before we discuss the benefits of each basin.

Basin Waste

A waste is an essential item for any basin. A waste is what the water drains through when flowing out of the basin. You will find a wide selection of wastes including push button, flip top and the standard plug and chain waste.

Slotted Waste

You will need a slotted waste if your basin has an overflow.

Unslotted Waste

You will need an unslotted waste if your basin does not have an overflow.


The overflow hole is a small hole that’s drilled into the basin and sits just underneath where the tap goes. The overflow drains the water away if the basin begins to overflow.

Bottle Trap

A bottle trap is a small section of brass tubing that connects the bottom of the basin to the drainage system. Bottle traps are usually used with wall mounted basins, where pipework would otherwise be on display.

Cloakroom Basin

Cloakroom basins have a more compact form which makes them a great option for small spaces such as cloakroom suites.

Inset Basin

An inset basin is fitted into a worktop. Typically, drawers or a cupboard are fitted underneath, this also conceals the pipework ensuring a neat and tidy finish.

Countertop Basin

Available in various shapes and sizes, countertop basins are designed to be fitted onto a worktop.

Semi-recessed Basin

A semi-recessed basin is built into a worktop but not completely enclosed. The front of the basin protrudes slightly.

Full Pedestal

A full pedestal extends down to the floor and is what the basin is fitted to. The pipework is concealed behind the pedestal ensuring a tidy finish.

Semi Pedestal

A good way to describe a semi pedestal basin is halfway between a wall hung basin and a full pedestal basin. If you want a pedestal basin but don’t have enough room, a basin with a semi pedestal is a great option for smaller spaces.

The Benefits

Wall hung bathroom basins offer the most stylish basin designs that won’t cause you to sacrifice space. If you’re looking for something a little more understated, a wall mounted basin is a perfect choice. Wall hung basins can be fitted at any height making them family friendly.

Additionally, these basins are very easy to clean and maintain and they can be installed with ease which gives you more time to sit back and relax in your new bathroom.


If you’re installing a wall hung basin be sure that you understand how much weight your choice of fittings and wall can support.

Countertop basins can become an instant focal point in many bathroom spaces and are available in a large selection of designs. Most countertop basins will need to be paired with freestanding taps which offering a sleek look. A countertop sink can suit any bathroom, the only requirement is that you have the right amount of space available on your countertop. Generally, countertop basins and inset basins are used in larger bathroom spaces but they can also be used in small spaces as the units they sit on will provide clever storage space.


There is a certain elegance that is associated with pedestal basins that can hold the ability to transform a room. Pedestal basins hide any unsightly pipework to keep your bathroom looking it’s best. Semi pedestal basins are great for saving space, just like countertop basins they are ideal for ensuites and cloakroom basins. Semi pedestal sinks are fitted to the wall and also hide any pipework from sight.


Vanity basin units are perfect for those who are looking for additional storage space. Items which otherwise would be strewn across the bathroom can be discretely hidden or displayed as and when they are needed. A range of handy bathroom accessories can also be fitted to enhance the storage space obtained by installing a vanity basin unit. Vanity units can come with drawers as well as cupboard space which are perfect for organising beauty or cleaning products that do not need to be on display at all times.


Despite their small size, cloakroom basins can have a huge impact. They are specially designed for smaller spaces such as en-suites and of course, cloakroom bathroom suites. They are available in modern and traditional styles, as well as corner basin designs too and a cloakroom range can feature the types of basin listed above given they feature smaller dimensions.

We hope that our basin guide will offer some inspiration that will help you to decide what kind of sink will work best in your bathroom. Here at Bathshop321, we supply a wide selection of basins that can be delivered directly to your door. Browse our collection today.