Are you are a bath or shower person?

The bath versus shower war has raged on for too long. It’s time we hear out both sides and settle this once and for all.


Shower people

Shower people are practically geniuses.

Bold statement, huh? Hear us out. You’re in the shower, scrubbing your skin in a bid to leave that little bit earlier and when —bam! —A stroke of genius hits you. You have cracked something extremely important like the meaning of life, perhaps. Or maybe, you’ve just remembered that video you were meaning to share with your friends. The subject of the thought doesn’t really matter. What matters is that your day is in some way a little bit better because of it. Those moments are not coaxed out of your mind randomly; in fact, showers have a lot to do with creative sparks. It is a place where you can be truly alone with your thoughts.

Besides, who really has the time for a daily bath in this day and age? Won’t you be laying in a cesspool of your own filth rather than actually getting clean? Just look at the search suggestions that crop up if you type into Google “bathing in your own…” you’ll soon get the gist of what I mean. For a regular shower user, the urge to have a bath creeps up once in a blue moon but your brain will programme itself to automatically think of prune like fingers.

Bath people

Hold up. There’s the nothing worse than waking up in morning to a house that is freezing cold and knowing you can’t leave the central heating on for too long on the off chance that your heating bill ends up costing more than your rent. This is one of those moments when having a bath is even more enticing. There’s something about taking a bath that sets it apart from showering and it isn’t just that they are more inviting when winter comes knocking. Bathing is a ritual that truly spells out “me time” and if that means shower fanatics continue drone on then that’s their problem.

We personally think that bath tubs are an escape. Perfect for in preparation for special events. The are also nice for special occasions such as Mother’s Day.

Baths not only give us a place to escape from the world and play around in bubbles they just so happen to work wonders for our health. Bathing has many known health benefits including relaxing muscles as well as releasing any built up tension. So, you shower people can keep bath shaming. We will still be over here warming up our tubs. Oh, and another thing: baths do make your fingers prune like but that is unfortunately something you can only blame yourself for…

And the victor is…

The unbiased truth is that both showers and baths have many benefits. So, why not combine the two together? Shower baths offer the opportunity to unite both shower and bath people together. The simple fact is both showers and baths have a tonne of benefits that both sides cannot contest. If you are sharing your home with other people they are a great way to end arguments by merging the functionality of two popular bathroom options into one. The perfect bathroom meets all of your future needs.

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