Bath Tap Guide

How to Select the Right Bath Taps 

At Bathshop321, we know all the benefits that bathing can have. There’s not a more relaxing way to end the day then by sinking into a warm bath whilst the steam and water soothes your muscles and washes away your worries. When choosing a bath, you will not only have to decide on a style that matches your bathroom but you will also need to know what type of bath tap to choose. There will be numerous factors to consider – whether you have a modern or vintage bathroom, water pressure, how much available space you have, and more.  

Many people are confused when selecting new bathroom fixtures, as they are unsure of exactly what they should be looking for. The range of brassware in the market can seem overwhelming but by combining functionality and style you can find a bath tap that will accentuate your bathroom design. 

How to Select the Right Bathroom Taps 

Taps: Now VS Then   

More traditional style taps are operated by turning a handle to release the water. The washers built into the taps were made of rubber or were referred to as compression washers. Nowadays many taps are equipped with ceramic discs which boost the performance and lifespan of a tap significantly. If you have an older property you may find that your taps still have the old washers.  

Some cheaper taps also have them, however, despite the fact that they seem more affordable that could not be further from the truth. In the long-run, a cheap tap will cost you more in terms of part replacements or a replacement of the entire tap. Not only are taps better quality now but they can also be found in a lot more variations. From mixer taps to freestanding taps you will be able to find something that works with your bath and suite as a whole.  


Many of the bath taps here at Bathshop321 have been created using brass. After the taps will have been plated with the finish you will see. Of course, choosing your taps finish is vital when you’re trying to create a harmonious look in your bathroom. Chrome is our bestselling finish, suitable for an array of bathroom styles. Gold taps were the must have in previous years and are still popular in traditional or rustic bathroom designs.  

Water Pressure 

If you’re buying online you should find some information about the water pressure requirements of a tap before buying. It is very important that you have an understanding of water pressure before installing your bath taps.  

 If you get this wrong you may find that your tap is underperforming. Your tap won’t be at fault, if the water pressure does not match the tap it may result in low flow rate and other issues.  It is worth noting that low pressure taps typically operate between 0.2 bars to 0.5 bars, while high pressure taps operate between 0.5 bar and above.  

Types of Taps 

Temperature Controlled Taps 

Temperature controlled taps are also called thermostatic taps. These taps are extremely family friendly as they lower the risk of scalding. The most up-to-date thermostatic taps are designed to prevent scalding, even when the pressure on the cold supply drops, as may occur when the toilet is flushed in some homes. Bath taps that have in-built thermostats ensure a stable temperature of the water as it comes out of the spout. They do this by compensating for temperature or pressure fluctuations in either the hot or cold supply lines.  

Monobloc Design 

Taps can be either monobloc with one hole for installation or are available assets requiring two or three holes. Monobloc bath mixer taps have on a singular body that provides hot and cold water through the same spout. These are very popular and will save space on a smaller tub. As they fill up less space than other taps, they provide a neat, streamlined look.  

Deck Mounted Taps and Wall Mounted Taps 

 Deck mounted bath taps are very easy to install in most cases. For a tub near to a wall, wall mounted bath taps are a good option. Though these are more complicated to install, due to the piping being behind the wall. 

Our Recommendation  

Voda Design Series AO Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer  

This wall mounted bath shower mixer taps and hose features a chrome finish and waterfall spout ensuring that your water will flow smoothly and at the perfect temperature.  The detachable shower means you can rinse soap off your hair and body with ease and allows you to get the benefits of both a shower and a bath.  

Waterfall Taps 

If you want something that ooze luxury then consider a waterfall tap. The open spout designs allow for a wide stream of flowing water to be released into your bathtub. Waterfall taps offer spa-like relaxation and is a sure-fire way to ensure you have the very best bathing experience. Waterfall taps require minimal pressure.  

Our Recommendation  

Voda Design Waterfall Bath Filler  

This tap allows the water to cascade beautifully out to create a stunning waterfall effect. The tap also benefits from ceramic disc cartridges which means that they will stand the tests of time.  

Freestanding Bath Taps 

Freestanding bath taps will make a statement in your bathroom and look amazing when paired with a freestanding bath. Almost all include a hand shower kit with the bath spout, which comes in handy when rinsing down the tub after use. These taps can be placed at either end of your bath so you can really customise your bathing experience.  

Our Recommendation 

Voda Design Contemporary Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap 

This freestanding bath shower mixer tap will make an excellent addition to any contemporary bathroom.  It features a sleek pencil round handset and a round single lever for easy operation. 

Bath filler Taps 

Bath filler taps are great for saving space. They do not protrude into your bathing space like other taps of taps do. Our bath filler taps are designed to provide a great flow in order to fill your bath in rapid quickly and easily.  Available in an array of styles they are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your suite, as well as giving you complete control over the temperature.  

Our Recommendation  

Voda Design Series XE Bath Filler Tap 

This bath filler taps sports a stunning chrome finish with a curved design. It is ideal for those who have medium water pressure.  

So, there you have it, the things you need to know when purchasing a bath tap.  If you’re revamping your bathroom and don’t have a bath yet take a look at our handy bath guide to help you choose something that is best for you. You can also take a look at our Voda Design guide as the taps listed above are a perfect match to some of the products listed.