Bathroom Tile Inspiration

There is a reason why tiles are one of the most popular ways to decorate a bathroom. Not only are they waterproof, but they are also a fantastic way to renew your bathroom decor without spending copious amounts of money. In today’s article, we will be talking about our top picks based on trends and what our customers have been loving.  

What ways can you install tile in your bathroom? 

There are many ways you can incorporate tiles into your bathroom design.  


Wainscoting is a decorative wall covering that only covers a section of the wall. It is usually done in other places of home such as a living room but this technique has also been used in bathrooms too. If you want to add tile into your bathroom but don’t want it only to be tiled try this. Use tile from the floor up and paint the remaining wall with a paint suitable for bathrooms. Wainscoting will allow you to create a backsplash for areas like your basin as well as divide your room visually to create a larger looking space.  

Creating a statement  

Tiling your entire bathroom is a great idea. Make sure to choose from a balanced selection of different colours, patterns, and sizes for your wall, floor, and if you have one, your shower area. If you do not want to cover an entire wall with tiles try creating a feature wall that adds a nice twist to your décor. A feature wall can stop a room from looking to samey and will be interesting to look at. We love mosaic tiles or a luxurious faux wood or slate effect tile to warm up the room.  

Why are tiles so popular? 

They’re water resistant 

A bathroom is a place in your home that is exposed to the highest levels of moisture on a daily basis. That is why it is imperative you choose materials that are water resistant when decorating it. Ceramic tiles are impervious to both water and stains. This means that a humid temperature will not be an issue and your bathroom design will not look tired after a few years. Tiles are also extremely easy to clean and can simply be wiped if water of soap gets on them.  

They’re durable and easy to maintain 

Ceramic tiles are very easy to clean. Especially if you clean them on a weekly basis to avoid soap scum build up. All you will have to do is have a sponge and cleaning agent handy to mop away any liquids, dirt, etc. This is one of the reasons we recommend tiles for busy households. Tiles are extremely durable and it is very rare that they crack (unless they have been subjected to a significant amount of force). If you maintain your tiles appropriately there is no reason why they cannot last for over a decade. If by some chance you do end up breaking or needing to replace one of your tiles, it won’t be a hassle to replace it.  

They’re affordable 

Tiles are a cost-effective option for your bathroom. Ceramic tiles are very affordable but this doesn’t mean they are not high-quality. Porcelain tiles are also affordable but tend to cost slightly more than ceramic tiles. If you do not have experience tiling then you will need to hire a professional to do it for you. The cost of this labour will depend on the size of your bathroom and whilst it may not be cheap, the durability of the tiles will justify both the cost of the tiles and their installation. 

There are plenty of design options 

There is a wide selection of tiles to choose from. Tiles boast some of the most interesting designs from faux marble to glossy white choices. This makes it straight forward for you to select something that will complement existing bathroom fixtures and create a look that expresses your individual style.  

Our recommendations 

RAK Ceramics Circle Wood Tiles (Beige) 

It is well-known that moisture and wood are two things that result in nothing positive. Hardwood flooring can be quite problematic in bathrooms as moisture deteriorates wood rapidly. Showers, baths, splashes from a basin can all contribute to this even if you’re careful. That is why RAK Ceramics created the impressive range “Circle Wood” that recreates the look of wood with porcelain. These tiles sport a stunning beige wood finish that has a matt surface look. They also have unique markings on them to emulate wood grain. These tiles are durable enough to be used in internal and external areas proving they will serve your bathroom well. These tiles are suitable for wall and floor use and are very easy to clean. You can buy a box of these tiles on our site from just £55!  

RAK Ceramics Country Brick Dark Grey Tiles  

These tiles perfectly replicate the appearance of real stone without the hefty price tag. The neutral, deep colours is a great way to add a touch of character to your bathroom. These tiles are priced per box and are available from the low price of just £17.50 at Bathshop321! 

RAK Ceramics Slate Black Matt Tiles  

Slate is a material that charms many people. It has a beautiful appearance made up of a blend of grey shades. This beauty differs within every individual piece of slate which only increases its appeal. The downside to slate, however, is that for use in the bathroom it will have to be sealed regularly in order to maintain a nice appearance and for it to be resistant to water. Natural slate can also be pretty pricey and the cost of installation and maintenance may become a bit too much over time. If you’re looking for the aesthetics of natural slate without any hassle, we recommend taking a look at the RAK Ceramics Slate Matt Black Tiles. They are made from porcelain and have been designed to stand the tests of bathroom usage. Purchase on our site from just £31.50 per box! 

That sums up our bathroom tile inspiration. If you’re thinking of trying to tile your bathroom then check our previous article; the bathroom tiling guide. To see more bathroom-related articles be sure to keep up with our blog. You can also follow us on our social accounts. We have even more tile ideas on our Pinterest page!