Bathroom Tiling Ideas

Bathroom tiling can transform a plain bathroom into an incredible one! Gone are the days of plain white walls; 2017 is the year of maximizing natural beauty. Think brown and green palettes, with use of slate and stone textures to bring the outdoors indoors. If you’re thinking of re-tiling your bathroom, make sure to give our showroom in Handforth, Cheshire a call on 0161 486 1367 to speak to our friendly team who will be able to talk you through the range of tiles that we stock at discount prices. Or why not just come on down and see us in person?


bathroom tiling

Sometimes we can get so focused on what we see in front of us, that we forget to look down! By choosing a quality floor bathroom tiling design you can enhance the whole feel of the room and create a real impact. The wide marble tiling shown above is a great example to show the impact that floor tiling can have, especially in larger format bathrooms.


Who says that you have to pick a material and stick with it? Mix and match colours and textures such as ceramic and wood for a more interesting bathroom tiling design. We absolutely love the pairing of wooden floor tiles and the brown green ceramic wall tiles to create a natural, earthy colour palette.


bathroom tiling

It’s just common sense to waterproof the surfaces that are most prone to water damage; around your basin, around your bath and around your shower. The idea to only tile these areas not only looks great by highlighting one particular wall or section of your bathroom, it also saves you money on the cost of tiling a complete bathroom!


bathroom tiling

Bathroom tiling is not only practical; it also helps to add your own personality into your bathroom design. Create your very own feature wall of geometric or mosaic tiles in the pattern of your choosing to stamp your style on the finished bathroom.