10 Awesome Black And White Bathroom Designs

1. Funky Wallpaper

If you don’t want to have a completely black and white bathroom design, a simple way of incorporating the trend is with some artful black and white wallaper – it looks great when paired with wooden tones like in the bathroom pictured below.

2. Two Tone Walls

This gorgeous two tone wall design really breaks the design of the bathroom up nicely, drawing your eye to each individual element. We especially like the glossy silver pattern on the black wallpaper!

3. Unusual Bath

Go for something a bit different and choose a black bath over the more common white designs. Take a look at the San Marlo Freestanding Bath pictured below – you can save 35% from the RRP at Bathshop321.com!

4. Matching Towels

For a truly monochrome bathroom, you need to make sure that your accessories match the theme. Complete the look with sets of black and white towels.

5. Industrial Chic

One big trend from the past year that looks set to continue into 2017 is industrial-style interior design. This involves using minimalistic items and colour schemes, just like the black and white bathroom pictured below. We think it looks as if it has been designed in honour of a public bathroom – but with a lot more style and cleanliness!

6. Minimalist Tiling

The way that the plain black floor tiles continue up to cover one wall creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom, whilst the white tiles coating the other walls brings much needed brightness. The addition of the hanging plant from the ceiling adds a beautiful splash of bright colour and lifts the whole room.

7. Contrasting Sanitaryware

Whitewashed walls paired with sleek black sanitaryware and furniture keeps the room looking bright and airy, yet elegant.

8. Mix + Match Patterns

Usually clashing different patterns is a big no-no, but when they are the same colour it does seem to work! Take the bathroom pictured below. which pairs patterned flooring with plain tiled walls to create a really clever, stylish design.

9. Incorporate Iconography

This relativly plain black and white bathroom is lifted by the subtle image of Audrey Hepburn which is incorporated into the wall tiling. Why not incorporate something that inspires you from pop culture into your bathrooom design?

10. Less Is More

This stunning black and white bathroom is so effective because of its simplicity. Simply by uing plain cermaics with sharp, square lines the overall effect is visually stunning.

pinterest_logo black and white bathroom

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