How to Choose a Shower Bath

Before looking into a brand-new shower bath there are a few things that you need to consider. In this article, we are going to be summarising some of the many benefits that shower baths boast as well as a few pointers when it comes to purchasing one.

Why should you consider a shower bath?

Shower baths are a more cost-effective solution to buying a separate bath and shower enclosure. Many shower baths come complete with a bath screen and taps, all that you will need to buy is a shower unit. Compare this to having to buy a separate shower, shower enclosure, shower tray, bath, and taps; you will soon start to see the costs begin to mount up.

Furthermore, shower baths are an excellent way to make the most of your bathroom space. They are a good addition to a family bathroom as they can cater for all age ranges; a spacious shower enclosure for adults and a large bathing area for children.

L Shaped or P Shaped Shower Baths?

Many straight baths can have a shower fitted above them. However, L and P shaped shower baths are specifically designed to create the best showering and bathing experience. P shaped shower baths and L shaped shower baths are popular as they provide extra space and a screen at one end.

Left hand or right hand?

You will need to decide whether your bathroom can accommodate a left hand or right-hand bath. The best way to determine this is to imagine your space from above. Firstly, you want to pick the spot where you will be installing the bath. Is the short leg of the leg of the L or the loop of the P facing left, or right? Once you have figured this out you will be able to decide with confidence.

Bath Panels

A shower bath would not be complete with bath panels. Bath panels allow you to complete the look of your shower bath seamlessly. Bath panels come in a variety of finishes and can be matched to existing appliances in your bathrooms. We suggest reading through the specifications of bath panels thoroughly to make sure that they are compatible with your chosen shower bath.

Adding a premier finish to a shower bath

The premier finish is a surface that is added to the exterior of the bath and improves durability and longevity. The strength that a premier finish provides is similar to traditional, cast iron baths but with all the benefits of acrylic. Premier finishes not strengthen your bath, they also provide insulation. This means that the bath will have better heat retention and you won’t find yourself heating bath water back up or refilling a bath. The Premier Finish material is naturally glossy, and easy to clean, which keeps your bath looking its best. The premier finish will give your bath a 30-year guarantee.

Trojan Zeya Concept Space Saving P Shaped Shower Bath

The Trojan P shaped shower bath offers a stylish space-saving design that would look good in a variety of bathroom designs. This bath is narrow and can be installed in small bathrooms with ease. It has been manufactured using materials of the highest quality. Trojan baths come with a 25-year guarantee, so you can shop with confidence. This shower bath can be found in left hand and right-hand options.

Matrix Squrv2 Shower Bath Complete with Screen

Shower baths should be a lasting investment and the Matrix shower bath has been created with the future in mind. The Matrix Shower Bath boasts a minimalist L shape design ideal for modern bathrooms. The bath is constructed from premium grade 5mm acrylic which is fully reinforced with fibre glass giving the bath extra strength. This shower bath comes with a standard toughened glass screen which is the single safety glass unit. Left hand or right-hand options are available and each model can be upgraded to suit your individual preferences.

Whirlpool Galaxia P Shaped Shower Bath with Screen and Front Panel

Whirlpool baths are an extremely popular addition to bathroom spaces. The reason for this is because this feature can create an even more luxurious space that you look forward to using. We know that luxury can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. However, the Galaxia P shaped shower bath is extremely affordable. You can customise this bath by choosing from a choice of 6,8, or 12 whirlpool jets. Adding to the luxury that this bath, a premier finish upgrade is also available.

VitrA Neon Shower Bath with optional Screen

The Neon shower bath from VitrA offers a fully encapsulated base board and frame to give a stunning finish as well as allowing for an easier installation. This shower bath offers plenty of elbow room as you shower without occupying too much of your bathroom. This shower bath includes a high-quality leg set and dedicated front panel. With a stunning water-saving design, we particularly recommend this model if you’re looking to save money in the long run. Right hand and left-hand options are available.

Synergy M100 L Shape Shower Bath and Return Screen

This shower bath offers a unique design, created with a clever 45-degree angle as opposed to a 90-degree angle. This model features an 800mm showering area which is made to fit most UK bathrooms. M100 shower baths come complete with front side panel and a glass shower screen with a towel rail attached. Moreover, this shower bath is also made in left and right-hand versions.

We hope that the information that you have read in our article will help you to choose the appliance that is best for your bathroom. Browse our high quality and affordable shower bath range. If you require any additional information then please do not hesitate to contact us.