Spring Style Revamp For Your Bathroom

The season of spring is all about celebrating renewal and new life – so why not a new bathroom? It’s the perfect time to get your home in order before summer arrives! We’ve put together a short list of spring style ideas that you can steal to make your bathroom look fantastic for the rest of the year. Make sure to look out for our spring sale which will run from Thursday 11th May to Sunday 14th May, where you can get 7.5% off selected items to make your bathroom shine this spring including: whirlpool baths, mirrors, bathroom storage and dream shower panels!

Get Funky With Florals

The floral trend is synonymous with spring style, but that’s no reason to push it aside. Florals look great in bathrooms, as seen in the stylish one below! Bright colours go very well with light grey colours and brings out the warmth in the room.

We think that you can’t go wrong with floral wallpaper or delicate designs on tiling, but you could also consider the cheaper option of investing in towels and flannels with floral designs.

Cupboards For Your Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of all modern bathrooms! Gone are the days of lines of toothbrushes and beauty products lined up by your sink – there are so many options for convenient bathroom storage that you can use to squirrel away all your clutter and make your bathroom cleaner and more spacious. Click to check out our large range of bathroom cabinets and additional bathroom storage.

Test Out New Tiling

Tiling is your way to stamp personal style over your bathroom. Not only do tiles look classy; they are easy to clean and come in hundreds of different styles for both walls and floor.

spring style tiles

Bathshop321 will be launching brand new tile ranges from RAK Ceramics online very soon (including the Golden Marble Imperial Beige Floor Tiles seen above), and you can also find a great range of affordable tiles at our showroom in Handforth, Cheshire.

Feel Special With A Spa Bath

Baths are not usually associated with spring style, however whirlpool baths are too good to wait for! Whirlpool Baths feature a number of jets integrated into the side and bottom of your bath, and are the ultimate in luxury bathing. Not only are they relaxing, they also have a surprising number of health benefits! They stimulate circulation without increasing your heart rate, so there is an improvement in skin tone and a reduction of stress hormones in the blood system during and after a soak. The jet pressure helps your body to release endorphins, the same feel-good chemicals that are released during exercise or a massage! What else would you want to relax in after a hard day’s work?

Light Up Your Life

Lighting is often the glue that holds a room together and enables you to show off your design skills! There are many subtle ways you can add light to your bathroom: spotlights, chandeliers or even through back-lit mirrors. Having a mirror with lighting integrated into it is especially useful when you are getting ready each morning, as they focus all the illumination on your face so you are brought into sharp focus.

spring style mirrors


Bathshop321 stocks many back-lit bathroom mirrors that range from the very basic right up to the all-singing-and-all-dancing models, all with incredible discounts from the RRP – just like these ones pictured above:

Clean Shower Cubicles

Showers are made for warmer weather and are central to our spring style bathroom design. Many people place their shower above their bath to save space, but if you have the room, why not make it the focal point of your bathroom? The wet room style is very popular this year, which is created using clear glass enclosures and low profile shower trays for a truly minimalist design. Check out our selection of walk-in shower enclosures which start from as little as just £163! A great idea for larger family bathrooms.

Try Out Our Tech

Our final spring style tip is to invest in one of our many types of bathroom technology which includes televisions, radio and digital mirrors – all designed to make your life that little bit easier or exciting! Relax in the tub whilst watching your favourite film on a waterproof televisions as seen below, charge your shaver using your mirror, or even put on a concert in the shower while singing along to your bathroom radio.

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You won’t regret it!


*Prices are correct at time of publication (9th May 2017) and are subject to change.