Types Of Bathrooms Taps: A Short Guide

Bath? Check. Shower? Check. Toilet? Check. Once you’ve got the main elements of your new bathroom sorted, it’s time to start thinking about the smaller details. Bathroom taps may seem like a bog standard feature for a bathroom. However, there are so many types of basin taps and bath taps out there to choose from! Freestanding, mixer, wall-mounted, monoblocs… Well Bathshop321 is here to guide you through the pros and cons of the different types of bathroom taps so you can make an informed choice for your home.

Types Of Bathroom Taps

This style of tap is very traditional and made for both baths and basins. Also called pillar taps, a pair of taps like these draw from both the hot and cold water pipes, sending each flow to a different faucet: one for hot water and one for cold water. These types of bathroom taps look fantastic in period properties and cottages for a retro, vintage feel. They are also typically British – many countries haven’t kept this classical look! The disadvantage of pillar taps is that the risk of scalding can be higher as you cannot regulate the temperature of the water that comes out of the hot tap; also these types of bathroom taps are now seen as outdated and old-fashioned.

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mixer-taps types of bathroom taps

Instead of having two separate taps for hot and cold water like pillar taps, mixer taps draw from both the hot and cold pipes and the water flows from one central faucet. These taps come in many different shapes and styles, some traditionally styled and some more modern. These are by far the most popular type of taps on the market in the UK today. Mixer taps are the obvious choice for family bathrooms as the ability to control the water temperature through one single tap greatly reduces the risk of scalding, which is an increased possibility when drawing water from a single hot water pipe. This makes these types of bathroom taps especially useful for those with young children in the house.

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monobloc types of bathroom taps

Monobloc taps are an extension of mixer taps; but instead of having 2 handles (one for hot and one for cold water) they operate using one central lever. The temperature is controlled by turning the lever left or right. Again, monobloc taps reduce the risk of scalding in young children by drawing on both the hot and cold water pipes to reduce boiling hot water running from the faucet.

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freestanding types of bathroom taps

Freestanding taps are the most visually stunning and eye-catching taps on the market. They are plumbed into the floor and rise up in a dramatic fashion, making them perfect to complete the look of a roll top bath or counter-top basin. Most people opt for a freestanding tap when they buy a freestanding bath that cannot be drilled for tap-holes, as it leaves them with not many other options. Although expensive compared to more smaller taps, the benefits of freestanding taps are that they create an impressive centrepiece for your bathroom and leave you with a spacious double ended bathtub. Click here to browse our range of freestanding taps.

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Wall mounted taps do what they say on the tin; they are mounted to a wall and hang over the side of your bathtub or basin. An off-putting aspect of wall mounted taps is that they can be difficult to plumb in, considering that all piping has to be concealed behind the wall. The advantage is that they are perfect for smaller bathrooms as they don’t take up a lot of space and are great for modern, minimalist bathrooms. They also are available in many different styles: modern and traditional, mixers and bath shower mixers, pairs… so you can find the perfect design to fit your bathroom. We also have plenty of wall mounted sensor taps!

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Bath Shower Mixer Taps are taps that also have a shower head attached. These bath taps are great because the additional handset means you can wash your hair with ease in the bath and is perfect for bathing children. You can even use it as a cost effective alternative to a separate shower! These types of bathroom taps can be mounted on the bath itself as seen in the image above, or be mounted to the wall to save space. Take a look at our range of Bath Shower Mixers here.

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