Vintage Bathroom Design: A Short Guide

Vintage chic is always a great look for any room in your home, especially bathrooms! Characterized by stunning, intricate designs and deep colours, we have a number of tips to help you to put together the vintage bathroom of your dreams.


Vintage colours tend to be on the darker end of the light spectrum, with dark greys, greens, purples and browns being very on trend in 2017. Wallpaper is a very Victorian style, as it first became popular in that era. We recommend wallpaper designs with floral and intricate patterns, which contrast so well with white furniture and ceramics, to create a multi-layered, multi-textured vintage bathroom design.

vintage bathroom design legend


Bathroom tiling is not in itself associated with traditional, vintage bathroom design, however the type of tiles you opt for can make a big difference.For example, glossy porcelain tiles are seen as more modern compared to rustic, ceramic tiles which look great in a a styled vintage bathroom. We think that plain matt white tiles paired with dark wallpaper look absolutely fantastic, as well as more intricate tile designs paired with plain wallpaper or painted walls. It is very much your choice as to your preference! We particularly like the new tile ranges we now stock from RAK Ceramics which include detailed designs such as Surface 2.0 Mix Decor, Victoria Ivory Decor, Zig Zago Grey Decor, Metropol Medium Grey Line Decor and Coheba Mix Mosaic Tiles.

Product Design

The theme of vintage bathroom product design is based around high quality and craftsmanship, along with elaborate shapes and a variety of textures. Here are just a few elements of traditional design that you can incorporate into your vintage bathroom layout:

  • Roll top baths are the epitome of traditional bathroom design and are quite affordable. They come in a variety of designs, including both freestanding with legs and without legs.
  • High level toilets feature a cistern that is hung above the toilet pan and is operated using a flush chain rather than a handle.
  • Traditionally-styled radiators are a great addition to any vintage bathroom, as they are an instant throwback to a time-gone-by, such as the Royal Bronte from Synergy.
  • Bath shower mixer taps not only look beautiful, but are also very useful!

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