Save Money with our Water Saving Tips Infographic

It’s no surprise that the majority of the water we use in the home is traceable to the bathroom, and subsequently, the majority of the water we waste in the home is traceable to the bathroom too! We’ve collated recent data and collected some of the best bathroom water saving tips to help you cut back on water wastage, save money on your water bill and promote a more economically friendly lifestyle in your home.

water saving tips infographic

Here are a few key points from our infographic that are sure to help you improve your water using habits:

All those ‘showers use less water’ tips are certainly true, however it takes only 8 ½ minutes in a standard shower to use the equivalent amount of water you would find in a full bath, so try to cut down on lengthy shower sessions whenever possible. If you can cut just one shower session down to no more than five minutes, you will have saved almost 50 litres of water already!

Many people have a bad habit for letting the cold tap run while they brush their teeth, but did you know that this can waste up to 6 litres of water per minute? Just multiply that figure by the amount of people in your home!

Leaking taps are annoying in more ways than one! Not only does the echoing drip become a constant annoyance throughout your home, but it can also waste over 5,000 litres of water each year. Replace old worn taps, or repair newer taps with life left in them using a simple spanner and a rubber washer.

Newer, aerated taps are a fantastic way to reduce water wastage in the bathroom. They mix the water with air before it is emitted, providing the same amount of pressure and performance you would expect, but using only half as much water!

Baths sure are relaxing and luxurious, but over indulging can waste an unnecessary amount of water. When you’re bathing just for a quick wash, keep the water at a shallow level, it’s more than enough to wash and can reduce bath water usage by 50%

By updating your loo to a dual flush model, or retrofitting a dual flush syphon, you could save up to 8,000 of water each year (if you use them properly!). Also, a leaking toilet cistern can waste up to 100,000 litres of water per year, costing you nearly £100 extra on your water bill.